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Raw Pasta

Raw Pasta is something that I go back to over and over again because it’s so simple to make, incredibly delicious and nutritious.  I’m half Italian and half Irish and grew up with lots of pasta around. I no longer eat traditional pasta because it always leaves me with that “heavy” feeling. Raw pasta on the other hand, tricks your mind and stomach completely.  It’s 100 percent veggie yet filling without leaving you feeling “stuffed”. I make it all the time using different veggie combinations.  Zucchini is my number one choice, but I like to mix it up and use

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Raw Sexy Snack Time

Is this breakfast? Is it dessert? Is it just a snack? This could, quite possibly, be all three! I layered the bottom of the mug with an inch of organic shredded coconut (unsweetened) and then added a cup of sliced strawberries and kiwi mixed together.  Topped that off with some raw almonds and a sprinkle of raw cacao nibs. Add some almond milk, hemp milk, coconut milk or rice milk…and you are done! You could add oats to this (you want to get the old fashioned oats – not the steel cut), or Ezekiel sprouted grain cereal and it would

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Fruit Is Fast Food!

Check out Michael Arnstein, The Frutarian This Rawks!

Juice Kaboose – La Jolla, CA

This Is Juice Kaboose I am always mentioning Juice Kaboose in my posts, so I figured it was high time I showed you!   I am so lucky to have this healthy gem in my town. It is one of my favorite destinations in La Jolla, CA.  Not only do they serve energizing fresh pressed green juices and all natural fruit smoothies – protein smoothies- energy packed smoothies, but they have an amazing lunch menu as well.  Everything is made fresh, right there – before your very eyes!  Fresh Fresh Fresh!!!  I love it! You will find everything from organic wheatgrass

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Zucchini Broccoli Salad

Broccoli is one of those amazing cancer fighting cruciferous veggies, so I like to come up with fun ways to include it in my dishes! To make this salad, I used my spiral slicer to turn zucchini into thick pasta-like strands, and then used my food processor to finely chop up a head of broccoli. Sometimes people can find broccoli difficult to digest.  Steaming broccoli is one way that you can make it easier on your stomach, but if you want to keep it all raw – like I did here – you can just dice it using a sharp

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Forks Over Knives – A Must See Film

I attended the San Diego Premier of the film Forks Over Knives this past week.   In a word – EXCELLENT. I’ve seen all sorts of films that promote a plant based lifestyle from films like Food, Inc. (where we find out where our “food” is really coming from and what it’s REALLY made of) to Crazy Sexy Cancer – a documentary made by the fabulous Kris Carr which outlines her journey to wellness and fight against cancer, to all sorts of animal rights geared videos and films. Every time I ask someone if they have seen Food, Inc. they either say one of two things:

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A Spinach and Sweet Potato Romance

Yes, they’re in love. Spinach and sweet potato.

Kiwi Zucchini Pasta

This might look complicated, but it’s really simple. Use a Spiralizer – or “Spiral Slicer” like this (the link below goes to the exact one I have that I bought on amazon and it’s awesome!)  to turn 2 zucchini and one daikon into pasta-like strands. Spiral Veggie Slicer Set your zucchini and daikon “noodles” aside and create your dressing.  (note- if you don’t have a spiral slicer you could use a food processor to dice the zucchini and diakon, or a mandoline to thinly slice, or a cheese grater, or just a really sharp knife and cut them into thin

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