Forks Over Knives – A Must See Film

I attended the San Diego Premier of the film Forks Over Knives this past week.  

In a word – EXCELLENT.

I’ve seen all sorts of films that promote a plant based lifestyle from films like Food, Inc. (where we find out where our “food” is really coming from and what it’s REALLY made of) to Crazy Sexy Cancer – a documentary made by the fabulous Kris Carr which outlines her journey to wellness and fight against cancer, to all sorts of animal rights geared videos and films.

Every time I ask someone if they have seen Food, Inc. they either say one of two things:
1. Yes! Such a great film.
2. No – I’m afraid that if I watch it, I won’t want to eat certain things anymore.

I want to slap every single person who says #2. 

I do.  

If you’re my friend, and you’ve said that to me, now you know.  I wanted to slap you.  Or at least grab you and shake the nonsense out of you!  But alas, I restrained myself.
Ignorance is bliss?  If you don’t know, then you can just go on eating whatever it is you think you shouldn’t be eating?  Is that what you are thinking?

That kind of blatant ignorance might kill you.  

Why wouldn’t someone want to be as knowledgeable as possible?  Just in general!
But especially when the topic is regarding the foods that we put into our bodies…The foods that build our cells and become the foundation of our health.  Why would you want to do choose something that might harm you?  Wouldn’t you rather have all the information possible so that you could make the best informed decision you could make on a daily basis?

Forks Over Knives is one of the most important films that will be made in our lifetime.  It’s backed by science and clinical research (which is shown in the film) and in addition, it follows the lives of several people as they make a decision to fight their illness using food as medicine.  Instead of accepting the “well, there is nothing we can do for you” diagnosis from their doctors and instead of being okay with taking shots and pills every day for diabetes or any other number of illnesses, they make a decision to change.

They adopt a natural, whole foods plant based lifestyle.  Cooked or raw, doesn’t matter, they just change from eating diets high in animal products (dairy, meat, etc) and processed food (processed sugars, salts, grease) to that of a whole foods plant based diet.  Veggies!  Fruit!  Whole grains!  Foods from the earth!  Not foods from a factory.

Did their cholesterol levels return to normal?  Did they lose weight?  Did they beat cancer?  Did they kick diabetes to the curb?  Did they beat heart disease and literally rebuild their arteries so they looked brand new?

Well, what do you think?  You’ll have to go see the film to find out. 🙂  

Forks Over Knives shows you how you can take control and responsibility for YOUR OWN HEALTH. It shows you just how unnecessary and preventable sickness and disease really are.  It shows you how you can fight back and regain your health through a plant based lifestyle.

Cancer runs amok in my family..on both sides.  Diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, stroke, heart attack,cancer cancer cancer.   Just about every female on both sides of my family has at some point been diagnosed with breast cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer and most recently, a close family member was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Listen to me when I tell you this, because I’m right:  There isn’t a magical cancer cure sitting in a vial waiting to be discovered.

Cancer, disease, sickness, illness – these are not things that fell from the sky at random and attached themselves to you.  I truly believe most illness and disease can be reversed and prevented by our lifestyle and food choices.

Why did I adopt a plant based lifestyle?  What got me into the whole raw thing?  Well, aside from struggling with disordered eating and wanting to lose weight and finally get healthy – the right way – AND aside from the fact that just about everyone I am related to is dealing with- or has at one time dealt with illness and disease –I was hospitalized twice for ovarian cyst ruptures.  Out of the  blue, collapse on the floor- call 911 – emergency room- internal ultrasounds – lots of tests – painful as all get out- cyst ruptures.

Determined Cause (after seeing lots of doctors who couldn’t explain it and finally one asked me to list for her what I ate all the months prior):  SOY and eating lots of soy products.  

For those who don’t know – Soy is high in plant estrogens and it mimics estrogen – for me, it was too much.  Read all about the dangers of soy here:

My doctor recommended that I  change to a whole foods plant based lifestyle to avoid eating soy.  It gave me control over what I was putting into my body.  I know there is no soy in vegetables or fruit. I know for a fact that broccoli does not contain soy. I can eat those and not have to worry that someone might have added soy to it. By making that decision to choose whole foods that are natural, I took control back.  I am responsible for my health.   ME. The minute I cut out the soy and processed food products (that I thought were healthy) – the cyst ruptures went away.  I haven’t had one since.  

Was it easy at first?

No, it wasn’t.  I struggled.  But I had support, and I asked others for help.  So I’m not telling you to see this film from some high and mighty chair up in the clouds.  I’ve been on the overweight, unhealthy side of it.  I’ve had a long arduous journey of my own.  But now I’m on the healthy side and it freaking ROCKS!  I want YOU to be on this side with me!  I want to help YOU change your life!  I want to help YOU feel great!  Because you DESERVE TO FEEL AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!  

If you are struggling with any illness, disease, sickness or you just feel physically BLAH – there is an answer.  There is hope.  There is a way to make a change.

Go see Forks Over Knives.  You can visit the website HERE and find showtimes in your area.

Watch that film and watch so many others change their lives in the film.  Watch them get rid of their diabetes.  Watch them lower their risk for heart disease.  Watch them do it.  You will leave the theater informed, inspired and motivated to take your life back…to gain control again.

Even if you don’t currently have any sickness or illness that you know of – go see the film.  This is information that EVERYONE needs to really fully know and understand.   This film is an education in itself.  

You don’t have to switch to a plant based lifestyle over night.  I know, it can seem daunting.  But if you see this film, you will be armed with the information you need to make the right decisions about the foods you arechoosing to fuel your body.  You can start with small changes.  Start with a single step.  

Sometimes that’s all it takes to change your life.


Do it.

For more information on how to beat illness and disease using food as medicine, visit the cancer fighting branch of Raw Is Sexy at CANCER SQUAD!

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