Raw Sexy Snack Time

Is this breakfast?
Is it dessert?
Is it just a snack?

This could, quite possibly, be all three!

I layered the bottom of the mug with an inch of organic shredded coconut (unsweetened) and then added a cup of sliced strawberries and kiwi mixed together.  Topped that off with some raw almonds and a sprinkle of raw cacao nibs.

Add some almond milk, hemp milk, coconut milk or rice milk…and you are done!
You could add oats to this (you want to get the old fashioned oats – not the steel cut), or Ezekiel sprouted grain cereal and it would be just as awesome.

Lovely comments!

  1. If I use oats, do I soak them first, or will they absorb enough milk to not taste stale?

  2. If you are using whole oats such as Quaker old fashioned oats or Bob’s Red Mill old fashioned oats you should not need to soak them, just give it a minute and they should be just fine with absorbing milk.

    If you are using truly RAW oats (which most people never use – REAL Raw oats look smaller than tiny pieces of rice and are really hard), you MUST soak those.

    A lot of people have the misconception that uncooked oats are raw oats – but they aren’t. Oats get heated to a certain temperature to prevent them from going rancid.

    I do not use real raw oats (which look like tiny hard pieces of rice) because I don’t always have the time to soak them in advance.

    I think using Bob’s Red Mill or Quaker brands and just using the Whole – Old Fashion – Traditional style oats is a great way to go. And with those, they just need a a minute to soak up the milk and it will taste great!
    Hope that helps!

  3. Just discovered your blog and I am loving your recipes!! I am so inspired to get back into raw food. 🙂 -Kat

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