Clean Eats!

Some people hear the phrase “raw food” and think it sounds pretty daunting.  It’s actually quite simple if you think about it in a whole foods mentality.  Eat an apple.  Eat a banana.  Eat carrots.  Eat mushrooms.  Eat any fruit and veggie you want! That’s eating RAW FOOD!   In a world where people are used to the concept of “meals” where you have pasta, a veggie, and a meat on your plate at the same time…making that leap to all fruits and veggies can feel strange.  You might want something that seems like a burger, so you reach for a veggie burger.  You might want something that seems like pasta, so you make raw zucchini pasta.  From raw donuts to raw pizza and apple pie, you can have any version of what you would normally eat, in a raw plant based form!  But if you aren’t quite ready for the world of raw, or if you don’t know where to begin, start with CLEAN EATING!

What is clean eating?  It’s eating whole foods and not eating anything processed or man made.

If it came from a plant, you can eat it.  If it was MADE in a “plant” (factory) you cannot.

It’s that simple.

Do you have bags of greasy chips in your house?  How about boxes of crackers and sugary cereal?  Bags of cookies?  Do you have microwavable dinners?  Soda?  Boxes of candy?  

Can you pronounce all of the ingredients on the label?  Do you even KNOW what they are?

Get rid of it.  Just get rid of it.  Seriously, I can’t come up with a nice way to say it, so do yourself a favor and get rid of it.

If the food you are eating comes with a label that lists names of chemicals you cannot pronounce, you shouldn’t be eating it.  That’s not real food.  That’s fake food.

Real food grows on trees – plants – vines…Real food grows in the soil.  Real food is not created in a lab or a test tube.

Clean out your kitchen – get rid of the processed junk and try clean eating for 30 days.  You will be hooked and feel like a different person!   Here is what I do personally when I am focusing on clean eating:

Say YES to:

  • Veggies
  • Fruit
  • Raw Nuts/Seeds
  • Beans/Lentils
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Bread = Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Bread (occasionally) or Manna Bread (you can find both in the refrigerated section of your market) 
  • Milk = Almond Milk, Hemp Milk or Rice Milk. 
  • If you eat fish, make sure it is wild.  If you eat chicken, make sure it is organic, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, vegetarian fed (Or just don’t eat meat!)  If you eat eggs, make sure they are organic. 
  • Pick a healthy fat: avocado, olives, raw nuts, raw nut butter, olive oil etc. 
  • Grains = quinoa, millet, flax, old fashioned rolled oats

And now for the NO’s:

  • NO white bread, no white pasta, no white flour, no white rice, no white anything!  You want to focus on whole grains.
  • NO processed sugar – if you want something sweet, eat fruit.  Or – a piece of raw chocolate / dark chocolate that is above 70 % cacao (this chocolate should not have added sugar in it, nor dairy)
  • NO artificial sweeteners
  • No dairy – but if you must,  then I suggest raw goats cheese – it’s easier on your digestion than cows cheese.  Remember that dairy causes mucus, cellulite, and sinus infections.  The minute you cut out dairy, you will see a huge difference.  There are many options for cheese (raw cheese made from raw nuts!) and you do not need dairy to get your cheese fix!  Instead of milk, try almond milk, hemp milk, rice milk or coconut water.  You will not be disappointed!
  • No processed junk that comes in a bag or a box!  
The goal is to eat whole foods in their true natural form.  Stop putting chemicals into your body.  Kick your sugar addiction.  Get as many vitamins, minerals and nutrients as  you can from your FOOD.  When you go to the grocery store, shop the perimeter of the store.  When you walk around the perimeter you see veggies, fruit, fish, etc.  You see real food in it’s natural form.  Do not go down the aisles in the middle.  They do not contain food.  They contain boxes and bags of chemicals, salt, sugar and fat.  You are what you eat!

Are you ready to give clean eating a shot?  It really is easier than you think.  

My best friend Jodi is on the clean eating track with me!  (You can check out her blog here: you?  Comment below and let me know if you want to join in!  We can share recipes, tips and inspiration!  Remember, this doesn’t have to be raw, this just has to be clean whole foods!!!  All Natural Baby!  Take that first step for your health.  Get clean and lean!!!  Clean out your kitchen this week and make July a clean eating month!  You can do it!

Lovely comments!

  1. What a great blog you have here! I love all your helpful tips and tricks and the food looks amazing! So glad to be your newest follower 🙂

  2. Matt Moberly says:

    I’ve been eating as a pescetarian for 2 years and raw by day for 1 year, but I have not been able to overcome the last 10% I want to grow in muscle and reduce in body fat.

    I started an all-natural, pure, non-processed diet 4 days ago and feel good so far in an attempt to find further progress. I am even giving up protein powder and hoping for improved results.

    I’ve been stuck in the same place for 2 years as the most radical and clean person my friends know and it’s not enough. I’m giving up my few demons; smoked salmon, store bought hummus, Doritos & diet Coke. I can’t wait to see what results lie ahead.

    Thank you for the positive motivation. I’ll check back to let you know about my progress.

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