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Yes, I’m still alive 🙂   I’m currently working on my book which is taking up a lot of my usual blogging time, and I am also working on…MY FITNESS.

That’s right.

I am part of a boot camp and spinning program here in San Diego, so for the next eight weeks I’m rockin’ it out at 6am with an awesome group of fitness warriors.  We take spinning classes, we run stairs, we run ramps, we do crazy ab crunches in ways that only people highly skilled in inflicting pain could have thought up.  We do free weights.  We do jumping jacks, push-ups, you name it, they’ve got us doing it.  

Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure:

 the stairs of death (can you guess what we do?)

This form of fitness absolutely works…a (not-so-little-secret) and most likely the reason why the military has boot camp and drills etc.  When you workout with a group of people, and they experience everything right along with you, it builds camaraderie. It keeps you accountable.  It keeps you motivated.  It keeps you competitive (in the best way) and it gives you 30 reasons to get out of bed before the sun is up every morning.  

It doesn’t hurt that our Coach, Dave DePew, happens to be of an intimidatingly strong build and and when I made the mistake of running past him on the ramp and yelling, “I’m not gonna throw up!” he responded with, “We’ll see” and a smile. 

He also has some killer dance moves that he breaks out towards the end of our session.  All of the trainers are amazing and keep us pumped up and ready to kick ass every single morning.

We weigh in every Monday and they take our body fat percentage, photos each week, etc.  If that doesn’t keep you on track, and working hard, I don’t know what will!  

It’s important that people take responsibility for their health by making smart eating choices, planning healthy meals ahead of time, eating whole foods, and saying NO to junk food, processed food and fast food.

But, if you are not active, those healthy choices can only carry you so far.  Our bodies were meant to MOVE.

Whether it’s surfing, yoga, running, triathlons, boot camp, cycling, spinning, you name it – we MUST do something active. It keeps us in great shape, reduces stress, and exercise has been shown to have the SAME chemical effect as Prozac.  Imagine that!  Exercise and you won’t need a pill to make you happy.

So get outside and get some fresh air.  Put on your sneakers and go for a walk.  Start there if you haven’t done any form of exercise in a while.  Make it a daily habit, and soon you’ll be hooked!  If you are bored with your fitness or lacking motivation in the gym, check out the classes they offer, search Google for a boot camp in your area, or a cross-fit camp…anything like that and go check it out. They will be so excited that you showed up and soon, you will be too. 🙂

Now get moving! 


Keep it Raw and Sexy!

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