Rawtastic Times with Philip McCluskey

Philip McCluskey came to San Diego and the raw foodies came out to play!  It was such a pleasure to finally meet Phil as I’ve followed his journey for such a long time and he has always been an inspiration to me.

(PS – i’m kneeling in between Phil and Lori- hence my shortness lol)

Hanging out with Phil and Lori was so refreshing.  It is SO important to surround yourself with people who believe in your ideas, your way of life, your lifestyle, etc.  People who can inspire you and fuel your fire – at your vibrational level and who “get it”.  You don’t have to explain anything to those people.  They’re right there with you.  

I also finally met Joy Houston in person (hello gorgeous!) and the amazing Angelina Elliott showed up and I couldn’t believe she was standing there in front of me.  I’ve talked to her on Facebook for years now and she has always been an inspiration and kindred spirit.

EVERYONE was so beautiful!  I mean, like super beautiful in person.  It was pretty rawsome.

We met at Evolution Fast Food (a vegan, raw fast food-drive thru and restaurant on 5th Ave in San Diego) and enjoyed green juice, the raw burgers, raw soft serve and raw chocolate.

It was really heart warming to see so many raw food loving health warriors come out as singles and merge into a rawtastic group.

Just being around this kind of healthy raw energy was amazing.  The more we talked, the more we decided we need to form a hardcore San Diego RAWSOME group.  Go on group hikes together, have cool parties, have a bikini raw beach volleyball day.  Get raw on the scene here and do it in a really rad way.  Get rid of that stigma that raw can carry where people picture a bunch of tree hugging “dirty” hippies.  Yes, we love trees, and sure, it’s possible that I’ve hugged one.  I also consider myself on the hippie side of things.  But I shower (twice a day sometimes), and I have OCD about neatness, I think I’m pretty darn stylish sometimes, and I DO like to get dirty…but I also throw a mean cocktail party.   I’ve got dance moves you’ve never seen!  (and you probably shouldn’t EVER see) and I think RAW needs to be mainstream.  Hippies are modern.  Raw foodies are mainstream and classy.  We aren’t eating grass in the yard with our hands.  Okay…well. I’m not anyway.

We’ve been backwards for decades in this country in regards to what we’ve been eating and referring to as “food” and our health is paying the price right now.  Real food needs to be known again.  Fruits and veggies.  Nuts, seeds, legumes.  High quality grains.  Drinking enough water.  Moving.  Sweating.  That’s life.  Not a box of cookies or a bag of chips with a microwavable dinner and a couch with a tv.   

Fresh, vibrant, life-blossoming foods!   Not chemicals we can’t pronounce!

So I have to say, I am so grateful to have met such a lovely group yesterday and they all happen to live near me, which means I’m going to force them all to hang out with me and be my friend.

SD needs to watch out, because RAW is not going away (and you are all going to come over to this side eventually – might as well give in now and just eat that Mango.)

Okay..maybe the evil laugh was too much.

Lovely comments!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Lori is so beautiful.

  2. Hey! I’m in those photos. Haha 🙂 Lovely meeting you Lauren!


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