Smoothie Bowls

I’m currently loving these – so easy, so delicious and SO healthy!!!!!!!!! I checked out Banzai Bowls in Huntington Beach this past weekend with my sister and her husband, and they did not disappoint!  It’s basically a thick smoothie, topped with granola, and fruit.  Same idea as an acai bowl or just “smoothie bowl”.  Love love love these!

My sister and her husband sharing the Banzai!

You can easily make this at home – just make a thick frozen fruit smoothie, top with your favorite granola, oats or healthy cereal, and add sliced fruit on top!  You could also mix hemp protein powder or a raw protein powder into the smoothie portion for an extra kick!

Make breakfast FUN!

Enjoy 🙂

Lovely comments!

  1. Looks absolutely delicious!

    I’ll make my own this week and let you know how it goes! As always, thanks for another awesome idea!

  2. Just did this Today with my green smoothie! Yummy!

  3. I love making these! (Almost as much as eating them!) 😉

  4. I had one of these at the Farmer’s Market in Rutland, VT on a super hot day, it was perfect!

  5. Are you sure you were in Huntington Beach? They haven’t opened it yet, it will open in Mid-Feb and we will they will be serving up big health Pitaya Bowls 😉

    I think the one you were at was in Costa Mesa. Maybe you can just predict the future and knew they were opening one there soon.

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