Cheesy Pasta

Yes, you read correctly.
Cheesy (no-dairy) pasta (no-pasta).

The above is the result of zucchini that has been spiral sliced, organic first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, and nutritional yeast.

What the heck is nutritional yeast?  

I’ll let Wikipedia do the defining: 

“Nutritional yeast is produced by culturing the yeast with a mixture of sugarcane and beet molasses for a period of 7 days and then harvesting, washing, drying and packaging it. It is commercially available in the form of flakes or as a yellow powder similar in texture to cornmeal, and can be found in the bulk aisle of most natural food stores. It is popular with vegans and vegetarians and may be used as an ingredient in recipes or as a condiment.[3]

Nutritional yeast flakes

It is a source of protein and vitamins,especially the B-complex vitamins, and is a complete protein. It is also naturally low infat and sodium and is free of sugardairy, and gluten. Some brands of nutritional yeast, though not all, are fortified withvitamin B12. The vitamin B12 is produced separately (by bacteria) and then added to the yeast.”

How cool is that?  It really does taste like cheese.   So instead of eating dairy to get your cheese fix, try some nutritional yeast (it’s a complete protein too!).  It really will make you think you are eating mac and cheese, plus, it’s GOOD for you!  You can add it to veggie lasagna, veggie burgers, sprinkle it on popcorn, add it to warm raw stuffed hummus-nutritional yeast filled peppers. 

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