Homemade Applesauce


Apple sauce apple sauce apple sauce!

Not only is it perfect as a stand alone dish, but you can add it to so many things.  Add a scoop to your morning oatmeal, add a scoop as a pancake topping, make a towering layered dessert of apple sauce, raw ice cream and apple slices…use it as a face mask at night…(just kidding…)

Skip that jar of processed applesauce from the store and make your own – it’s as easy as:
1. Chop up 6 apples  (I used organic Gala apples) and place in food processor
2. Add 8 pitted dates (for sweetness)
3. Add all spice OR cinnamon and nutmeg (add as much as you like depending on your taste preference)
Pulse the food processor a bit to mix it all and then switch to blend.   If it seems like it needs water you can add a drizzle of spring water to get things moving, but you really shouldn’t need it.  I found that if you place a couple of the dates in the food processor first, before the apples, it helps with the mixing process.
This should make enough for 3 people – or two really hungry Apple Sauce Monsters. 😀


You could also top this with chopped walnuts or raisins!
It was the best apple sauce I’ve had in a really long time – definitely worth the effort to make your own!  This would also be an awesome gift or party favor – just make a big batch and put in mason jars for your guests to take home on their way out! 

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