Autumnal Vegetable Soup

Something about the temperature change has been making me crave soup.

My Nanny (as in Grandmother – not hired help) made a killer vegetable soup.  She was Irish and fabulous in the kitchen.  She used to tap her foot to the beat of the mashing of the mashed potatoes like she was in a dance competition at the same time.  Nanny had soul.  Nanny had spirit.  Nanny had funk and jive.  I wonder what she’s thinking tonight from heaven watching me attempt my very first, homemade vegetable soup recipe. 

The thought of her watching just makes me smile.  

My Mom also just so happens to make a killer vegetable soup.  It must be genetic.  I’ve never actually watched her do it from start to finish…I always get there in time to see the counter top covered from end to end in healthy lovely veggies…and then magically hours later there was a gigantic pot of soup.  Not sure how they moved from the counter to the pot on their own like that… 😉 

So now, miles away from home, I have to figure this out for myself.   I am half Irish and half Italian, and I’ve been feeling the Italian food vibe…I don’t know if it’s because I’ve watched Moonstruck recently or what, but an Italian inspired autumnal vegetable soup that pulls from both my Nanny’s recipe and my Mom’s recipe is definitely what I’m in the mood for.

So I went shopping at our local Farmer’s Market-Style Grocery Store in San Diego called Sprouts:

I picked up the following:

All Organic:  Zucchini (6), butternut squash (1), cabbage (1), mushrooms (2 packs), carrots (1 bag), roma tomatoes (12), spinach (4 cups), rosemary, vegetable broth (3) and a garden tomato soup base (1).

I almost went for sweet potatoes, but thought the butternut squash would be great instead and would also add that Autumn feeling.

I rinsed and chopped the veggies.

I sliced the squash in half length-wise and placed in the oven at 400 degrees wrapped in foil – right on the rack…I figured it would be done by the time I was finished prepping everything else (I was right).

I pre-steamed the cabbage and spinach.

I lightly sauteed the mushrooms in a pan on the stove in spring water and added black pepper and oregano.

(I also saved the water from everything I steamed, so the spinach water went right into the soup pot, as did the water from the mushrooms and cabbage)

I poured the veggie broth and tomato soup into a giant pot.
I added a giant branch of rosemary.
Added ALL of the veggies.
I sliced and diced the baked squash.
I let everything heat together until it looked and smelled amazing……

and suddenly I had this:


And my face…well, my face has this:  🙂
All of the ingredients cost me about 25 dollars.  This GIANT pot of soup will last me and my roommate a week.  Easily.  When you split that out over 7 days for 2 people, that’s a bargain…a bargain for a majorly HEALTHY dish.  It’s filling, delicious, nutritious and warm…dreamy…fall…mmmmm.  Nothing better than making a healthy meal that keeps on giving for days!
It took me about an hour to prep everything for the pot.  But I find that if you play some chill music (I like the French Cafe station on Pandora) and just take your time, prepping a soup can be so relaxing. 
I hope this inspires you to make your own soup!  Don’t be afraid to try!!! You cannot mess up.  Trust me.  Veggies always taste amazing together in a pot.

Lovely comments!

  1. Veggie soup is awesome! It’s my fav thing about fall!

  2. I think i’m going to make a big batch of this tonight! 🙂

  3. Cool! Let me know how it turns out 🙂

  4. AWESOME!!! Thanks for sharing! That is definitely my kind of veggie soup, and I also smile with I’m channeling my Gammie. : )

  5. AWESOME!!! Thanks for sharing! That is definitely my kind of veggie soup, and I also smile when I’m channeling my Gammie. : )

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