I Need Your Opinion!

I love Raw Is Sexy.  I do.  It’s my company.  I LLC’d it.  I own the name. That’s pretty cool.

But www.rawissexy.com  up to this point has been a lot about food and a little about my life.  In addition to this blog, I also have a store on Etsy for my raw vegan treats, and a store on Etsy for my abstract paintings.  I also sell my photography.  I’m a bit of a Jill of All Trades…or Renaissance Woman (although I hate that term because I always picture ugly poofy velvet dresses and people walking around with goblets and giant chicken wings.)

What I want is a website where I can not only write about raw foods and recipes, but I want to write about vegan food options, or health-ier food options for people just getting into trying out healthy lifestyles.  I want to write about fitness.  I want to write about my favorite fashion trend of the moment.  I want to show off the new paintings I just created. I want to have a one stop shop where I can sell my vegan treats, my art, my photography and whatever the heck-else I’ve gotten into.   I want to have a section for younger girls that focuses on self esteem and on re-defining sexy across the board.  Sexy, when I use it, means strong.  It means healthy.  It means fit.  It means inner beauty.  Confidence.  

I want to also have a place to write more about my life in general.  I’ve been writing about food and recipes for three years now, and I’m ready to write more about what living a raw healthy sexy confident life is like for me!  The ups and downs.  The ins and outs.  All of it.  

Here are the new website names I am thinking of.  I want a name that conveys that this is a website where you can go to to find ALL that I just mentioned above.

  • Raw Sexy Living (this one is at the top of my list)
  • Raw Sassy Living 
  • A Raw Sexy Life
  • My Raw Sexy Life
  • My Raw Sassy Life

So – which one out of those five do you like the best?  
Do you have an idea of your own?

Comments and opinions are greatly appreciated.  I’ll pick 2 random readers from the comments to receive a tin of my raw sexy balls just for helping me out.

Thanks so much!

Lovely comments!

  1. I like My Raw Sexy Life or Raw Sexy Living. I don’t care for the word sassy as an option at all.

    I’m so excited you’re expanding your blog! I love reading your food posts and appreciate all the pics you posts w/ them:) ((I attempted the raw apple pie for the 2nd time on Thanksgiving and it was a success!! I crave that pecan/date crust now. nom nom nom))

    SO GLAD you’re okay after your surgery and that the tumors were benign. <3 Crazy scary stuff.

    Looking forward to reading more!!

  2. My vote: Raw Sexy Living

    Echos best the continuation of Raw is Sexy while making it *seemingly* obvious that the new space is about Living Sexy.

    I think it’s a great idea, too.

  3. I actually LOVE the title you have now. I am not going to lie….when I was first introduced to the brand I was a bit skeptical about the name….didn’t quite know what to expect with the word “sexy” since I am pretty tomboyish. But now I LOVE it and I would have a hard time transitioning to something else. You have taught me to embrace my beautiful healthful side and I do feel the most sexy being HEALTHY! 🙂 I think of “Raw is Sexy” and “Raw Sexy Living” to be the same thing. If you are looking for a new title I think that one is my favorite but either way you are living the same very SEXY and BEAUTIFUL life. I think there is no need to improve the already beautiful.

    You will be great no matter what title you choose!


  4. I like Raw Sexy Living or A Raw Sexy Life..by the way I just found your site and I love it…thank you for being such an inspiration!

  5. I’m with you on the name – my vote is for Raw Sexy Living. I think throwing the sassy in might be a little overdoing the sensual side of it all (just a little!).
    Just as your current, Raw Sexy Living is bold and confident.

  6. Raw sexy living or raw sassy living sound the best to me!

  7. Raw Sexy Living is great! Perfect.

  8. Raw Sexy Living is so all encompassing, which I think is what you are going for. I love that you are expanding your horizons and as a reader, I would greatly appreciate more healthy vegan options, inspirations, beauty tips, and would love to see your creativity shine!!! I think most who read are passionate about more than food and it is great to see how the vegan/raw lifestyle resonates in other areas of your life ;0)

  9. I adore Raw Sexy Living! I was going to pick My Sexy Raw Life, because of the fact that you are writing about your journey and sharing your art with the world, but then I thought it might be better if you had something that included others too, so definitely Raw Sexy Living! You are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! Love you to pieces! <3 <3 <3

  10. I also want to mention that I absolutely LOVE the name you have now!! RAW IS SEXY!!!!! :-)))))) <3 <3 <3

  11. Raw Sexy Living is the best! (kind of reminiscent of another fave website, Crazy Sexy Life…)

  12. Yup, I also love the name now. If you do go for a change, Raw Sexy Living is great. I also don’t care for Sassy at all.

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