Home for the Holidays

I’m home!  I flew to the East Coast yesterday and am so excited to see everyone!

It was a mad packing frenzy before I left…you know how you think you have time for things and then suddenly you have zero time and just one day to get it all finished?  That was my day.   

The packages that went out yesterday have my newest packaging!  Round tins instead of rectangle:

Oooh lala!

In other news, I’ve got a crazy traveling weekend from Philly to DC to NYC and am so looking forward to seeing all of the Christmas sights and sounds.   

I am visiting one of my favorite restaurants this weekend and cannot WAIT to post pictures for you!!!  I also cannot wait to eat everything on the menu.

In recovery news, I officially past my 6 week-recovery mark yesterday.  That means I can begin working out again (just swimming, biking, or walking – no running just yet) and it also means that I am finally able to get into a pair of jeans without too much discomfort.  I’ve been living in tights and leggings for 2 months now and as much as I love tights and leggings, it starts to feel like pajamas after a while (which I just can’t stand…I have this love for tailored clothes)  SO I was on a mad quest to find jeans that I could wear that didn’t hurt…(the zipper on a regular pair of jeans is literally directly over my incision/scar in a straight line and it’s still sensitive) and I found some!  I found high waist-ed jeans without a button closure at this store in San Diego called Dear Alice and I also finally found jeggings through alloy.com that have neither tab nor zipper, and don’t look like old lady jeans.  Super awesome.   I needed them for this trip because East Coast weather is on the chilly side this time of year, and wearing tights and skirts to everything just wasn’t going to cut it.   It’s amazing the changes you have to make after a surgery, but I am just so thankful everything went so well and that I am getting back to feeling like me again.

Really happy to be home and be able to spend time with everyone I love.  Stay tuned for lots of DC-NYC-Philly photos!

This will be me shortly…minus the yellow tights!

Lovely comments!

  1. Have a great trip! I’m the same way, now with a baby, I spend a lot of time in yoga pants and I hate it! I love clothes!

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