A Brand New 2012

It’s 2012!


Time for a fresh start!  Or a Diet!  Or a new hobby!  
Or a fresh-new-diet-hobby!
If you checked out my last post I talked about this cool new rad thing called “A Finish List” where you just list all the stuff you are going to finish.
That got me thinking in a different way.
Sometimes we tend to bash the prior year and try to forget it and say THIS year is going to be the best one ever.  Well, it will be, of course, because today you and I are still alive and breathing.  So since this automatically becomes the best year ever, I’m reflecting on 2011 and what I missed out on.

What do I need to finish that I said I would, but didn’t in 2011?    When “life” got in the way?  That’s another thing.  Life doesn’t get in the way.  It’s here.  Right now. This second.  Life.
Hi, I’m Life, nice to meet you.  Here we are.  Isn’t this great?
Well if your hanging out with Life and it doesn’t seem so great, then make a decision to make some changes.
Right now, each of us has the NO.
What do I mean?  Your dream…that thing you want…that job you’ve been searching for or that goal you’ve been thinking about reaching…that person you want to become or that sport you want to try out…
Right now, you have the NO.
You don’t have it.
So you know exactly what NOT having it is like.
The only thing you don’t know, is what having it would be like.  There’s only one way to find out.
Make a decision to make a change.
You already have the NO.
So go get the YES.
What’s the worst that could happen?  You’d be back to the NO?  You already know what that’s like.
Is your head spinning or are you still following?
I thought about 2011.  I thought about the times I really hung out with Life and Life seemed to get in my way: several apartment moves, job uncertainty, random benign tumors and a major surgery, douchebags saying one thing but meaning another, flakey people, getting randomly robbed (it turned out ok in the end), being homesick…
All those moments “got in the way” of what I “really wanted to be doing instead”.  But that’s not the case.  Those moments shape us.  They helped me grow.  They helped me become this person right here who is writing this post.
I’m grateful for Life hanging out and “getting in my way”.  I truly am grateful.
It changed my perspective.  It changed my priorities.  It changed how I react to Life each time it shows up.
It also changed my Finish List.
I could list 10 to 20 things on my Finish List of things I want to accomplish this year.  I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that Life will appear again and throw me some curve balls in 2012. 
But here is what made it to the top of my list:
1. Finish a crazy 5k with obstacle courses. (Signed up and will be rocking that one in a few weeks!)
2. Finish (and place) in a Fitness Bikini competition.  Now that I’m all done healing from surgery, I can finally dive into fitness full force the way I wanted to and be the type of role model I want to be, showing young girls and anyone for that matter, that strong and healthy is the new sexy…and if you work hard, you can achieve it.  I contacted the best trainer I’ve ever had, Dave DePew, and am jumping back into The Grinder in SD! I. Can’t. Wait.

3. Finish a couple certifications.  I’m already signed up and should be finished by March.  Keeping what they are exactly under wraps for now, but once they are done, I’ll post them on here!
4. Finish accepting people for exactly who they are.  I’ve learned that I cannot change anyone.  Not one single person.  I can’t make anyone be healthy.  I can’t work out for anyone.  I can’t get them to see what I see when I look at them.  I can’t make someone else realize their potential, even when it’s so easy for me to spot from three feet away.  Which brings me to my next item…
5. Finish making 2012 a DBFZ.  What’s that?  DBFZ stands for Douche Bag Free Zone.  I’m currently making some awesome and permanent changes in my life.  If you don’t hear from me anymore, you’re probably one of them.  
6. Finish going surfing without hearing the Jaws theme song playing in my head. (it’s not easy)
7. Finish making the people I love and adore smile.  Finish telling them I love them every day or every chance I get. Finish contributing to their lives every day in any way that I can.  This is actually the most important one. 

8.  Finish being un-apologetically me.  All of the time and not shrinking in the face of other’s opinions about me.

I had a coffee date with my dear friend Julie the other day.  I voiced my concerns about what God wants for my life.  I want to make sure I’m fulfilling my purpose here.  That I’m on the right path and doing what He wants me to be doing.   Julie, who is a fabulous Mom of a fabulous two year old, shed some insight.  She said that she’s so happy to watch her son jump on his bed for ten minutes and laugh hysterically, because in that moment, that’s what makes him happy.  It’s something that came from inside of him and it makes him happy.  So it makes her happy as his parent to watch that.

I believe that God gave us the gifts and talents that we have for a reason and when we use them, or when we do something creative that makes us happy, God is just so happy, as our Father, to watch us do it.  No pressure.  No crazy goal to achieve.  We can just paint a painting.  Or go for a run if that’s what makes us feel happy.  We don’t have to become Picasso or win at the Olympics.  

We get to just be us.
We get to just be happy doing what makes us happy.

Doesn’t that sound so crazy!?!  In a society of people chasing money or the next accomplishment, God just wants us to love one another and be happy.  

Now I want to throw my Finish List in trash and just go for a jog.  Just kidding.  I’m an overachiever…I’m working on finding a balance.

What made it to your list?
What is it that you feel happy doing?

Lovely comments!

  1. Someone recently asked me (it was NYE afterall) if I made resolutions and my answer was, “I’m against them.” Because as you said, if there is something about Life that’s not meeting your expectation then it’s up to you do change it. Not tomorrow, not next week, not at the stroke of midnight but now. Why wait? Life will keep happening. It will keep being busy. There will keep being things that make now really inconvenient.

    I also live in a DBFZ. I call it being selfish but it’s really just a commitment to myself to make sure the people in my life add positively to it. If you don’t, you aren’t necessary. The only person whose happiness I am responsible for and have a chance in the world of achieving is my own so let’s get to it!

    Right now I have a NO but as soon as my shipment of JingleBalls gets here I’ll have a YES! Let’s get YESSING!!

    Happy 2012, Lauren.

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