Green Smoothie with Sunwarrior

Good Morning Raw Sexy Friends!
There is no reason to skip breakfast, especially when you can prepare it in just minutes!  If you have a blender, it’s even faster.  I love to make green smoothies and sometimes I like to add protein powder!  
There are lots of protein powders out there, but Sunwarrior Warrior Blend is my favorite!  It’s all natural and it’s made from 4 ingredients: Hemp, Coconut, Cranberry and Pea.   How awesome is that?  It also makes everything taste amazing.  The vanilla makes my green smoothies taste like a vanilla milkshake, plus I’m getting  a boost of plant protein and nutrients!

I pulled my ingredients together – organic spinach and a ripe banana are the base of most of my green smoothies.  To that I either add spring water or almond milk/rice milk/hemp milk depending on how creamy I want it to be.  That’s always a good smoothie base: banana, spinach and water/nut milk.
Then I added a scoop of Sunwarrior Warrior Blend. I have the vanilla and it ROCKS. So yummy.

Then just blend!

I love drinking my smoothies out of mason jars, but if you don’t have any mason jars, just save your applesauce jars and marinara sauce jars and pickle jars, wash them, peel off the label, and voila!  Smoothie jar!  This one happened to be an applesauce jar previously.
It may look green and a little intimidating but you won’t taste the spinach! I promise!!!  This tastes just like a vanilla milkshake, and it’s PACKED with vitamins!  

Feel free to add your favorite frozen or fresh organic berries or a tablespoon of raw almond butter – you can play around with these ingredients and invent YOUR favorite smoothie!  



Hope your day gets off to a healthy start!

Lovely comments!

  1. Vanilla green smoothies are so delish. Yum! Good tip with the making your own mason jars.

  2. Thank you! I never thought I would be someone who collected things, but I am ALWAYS saving and re-using jars! They’re the best! Great for storing nuts/seeds and soups in too!

  3. I have so many mason jars because I eat so many Bubbies pickles! 😉 I love green smoothies, my daughter and I drink them every morning.

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