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Bikini Competition Journey – 2012 The Beginning

It’s time. It’s BIKINI COMPETITION TRAINING TIME! I’ve been in a bucket list zone for weeks now.  Going through major surgery last Fall…being on bed rest…having moments where I thought it was possible that I could die…all of those things changed me….for the better. Those crazy tumors that I had just might have been two of the best things that have ever happened to me… I’ve spent some time in my life living in my head.  It’s not easy to admit but I try to be as honest as possible for my readers because otherwise, what’s the point?!  What do

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Shape Magazine Diva Dash – 5k

A few weeks ago my friend Nikole and I ran a 5k in the rain, in the sand (the entire time), with an obstacle course included.  It rocked. Not too shabby for my first 5k after having major surgery 🙂 Of all the days rain would descend on San Diego, this was the one.  We stood huddled together in the cold, getting soaked and waiting for our wave to go.  They started us in 15 minute waves/intervals, so that the obstacles wouldn’t become crowded.   We hadn’t checked out the course beforehand, so we walked in blind.  A man announced with a

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Fresh Fruit & Raw Granola Layered Breakfast

Fresh fruit: strawberries banana mango with Kaia brand raw buckwheat granola cereal. Also added shredded organic coconut and raw cacao nibs.   Pour in some coconut milk (or almond milk or hemp milk) and serve!  Have a sexy raw day! Xoxo


You may have noticed that Raw Is Sexy has a new look! I’ll be making changes and additions to this site (with the help of an amazing web designer) over the next few days in order to make your reading experience more enjoyable!  If you check the tabs at the top, you will notice new pages (which will soon be over flowing with content) and categories that make it easier to find what you are looking for!  Everything should be up and running soon, so sit tight and keep checking back. Have a Raw Sexy Day! xoxo