A $439 Dollar Smoothie

Well, that’s because I’ve only made one so far using my beautiful, new, amazing, VITAMIX!
I’ve been making smoothies and raw food for four years and I finally own a Vitamix.


No more stopping the blender after a few seconds to un-stick the frozen fruit with a spoon.  No more adding water to get things moving…and stopping…and starting…and starting again.
This has 2 and a quarter horse power.  That’s over TWO powerful Clydesdales inside my blender, smashing my frozen raspberries into a smooth silky heaven.  
Sure, I had to work to save to own this beauty, but now I don’t  need to work to make a smoothie…and the best part…Vitamix lasts forever and is backed by an awesome warranty. (I know, I sound like I work for them, but I swear I don’t.  They just make an amazing product!)
I hope you are in the mood for smoothies, my friends, because that’s what I’m about to post a TON of (must not end sentences with prepositions.)
I’ve been posting a lot on my Facebook fan page and not a lot on the blog (mea culpa mea culpa) so for the curious, here are some images of what I’ve been whipping up in the kitchen lately.

Stay tuned for lots of smoothies and smoothie recipes from this newly vitamixed gal.


Lovely comments!

  1. I am so excited for you/so jealous!! I’ve been saving, but now I’m ready to splurge and get it!:p (must keep saving, must keep saving) Can’t wait for your recipes!!:)

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  3. Hmm…I own a Ninja because it was only $75 and it’s a good mid-grade blender, but I definitely have the Vitamix on my wishlist! Congrats!

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