What’s Your Favorite Smoothie?

The saying goes that an apple a day keeps the doctor away.
I disagree.
The science says it’s much more like this: A whole foods, plant based lifestyle keeps the doctor away.  Fruits and veggies and greens and plants and whole grains and legumes…a whole BUSHEL of plant based goodness every day will keep the doctor away.

Not only does a plant based lifestyle keep the doctor away, but it keeps the surgeon and oncologist away.  It keeps diabetes, heart disease and cancers away.
It keeps you feeling healthy, happy, energetic, strong, fit and sexy!
I took this lovely assortment to work with me.  It’s easy to stay healthy at the office if you prepare ahead of time!  Just buy your veggies and fruits on the weekend, rinse/wash, chop and store in containers so they are ready to grab on the go!

Over the weekend, I made a very berry smoothie in my Vitamix using frozen raspberries, blueberries, a ripe banana, Sunwarrior Warrior Blend in chocolate and spring water.  I garnished with an apple – and then ate the rest of the apples!  How gorgeous is that!

I’m almost finished my smoothie e-book which will be available soon – all of the rawkin smoothies you’ve seen me make plus SO MANY brand new recipes will be included.
Smoothies and juices are such a great way to get maximum nutrition in one powerful punch.  Plus, they taste amazing and bonus…they keep you looking and feeling fabulous!
What’s your favorite smoothie?

Lovely comments!

  1. Mine is easily anything with frozen banana. But I like cconut too. I saw a really awesome one with coconut yogurt, bag frozen steawberries opt banana and vanilla YUM!

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