Cabbage Salad

Cabbage rocks! Not only can it transform a boring salad to a crisp crunchy one but it’s one of those cruciferous veggies that also helps fight cancer! I went to town with a giant bowl of it and I’ve been having some everyday!

What’s in it? One head of green cabbage, one small purple cabbage, one giant daikon and carrots. I added mustard seed and a high quality Dijon and ground black pepper for seasoning.

This was great topped with tomato, avocado and drizzled with balsamic. You could squeeze a fresh orange over it as well!

Read on for more pics!

So pretty! So many colors! So yummy!


Lovely comments!

  1. Ashley Michele says:

    OMG I love cabbage too! Thank you for the new idea on how to enjoy it.

    Love all of your posts.

    Have a great day!

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