A Juicy Sweaty May

It’s May 1st. 
Wow that got here quickly.  Last month was probably one of the most stressful months I’ve had in a long time.  I had so many external factors out of my control go haywire and it definitely took it’s toll on me.  It threw off my bikini competition training, it threw off my sleep, it threw off my healthy habits.  Stress sucks, as all of you know.  Some of us are better at handling it than others…and sometimes when it rains it pours. 
….Literally. (Like your upstairs neighbors shower flooding your living room ceiling and living room). 
That was fun. (note heavy sarcasm)

But May is a great month.  It’s the month that leads us right up to Memorial Day, the unofficial (but official) Summer Kick Off!  I love summer. I love the heat.  Love. It. 
I will not complain when it’s 90 degrees outside. I will be loving it.  I’m pressing the re-set button on my stress, and I am doing this through Bikram Yoga.  For the month of May I’ll be combining 30 days of juices and smoothies with as many Bikram classes as I can squeeze in.   Something about being in a room that’s 105 degrees for 90 minutes does wonders for my mind and my stress level.
It’s ironic.  The minute I put any kind of massive pressure on myself to accomplish 900 things at once, God pulls the rug out from under me.  I am so grateful for Him though because He keeps my ego in check.  Reminding me that I’m human and I’m just here to love and be loved and live and serve others and be happy.  He didn’t create me for the sole purpose of spending all of my efforts on a quest to save the world and accomplish a bazillion goals at once (funny how easy it is to believe I’m superwoman time and time again). 
Cracks in our exterior are great, because when we crack, when things fall apart, when a wall tumbles down…it’s then that the light can shine in.  It’s then that we can get up and rebuild.  Build it back up better than before.  Try a different approach.  Rethink our direction or change it entirely.  Come back to our center, our spirit and ourselves. 
I love Bikram Yoga.  I love being in that hot room and being forced to just listen to the words and move my body in the direction it’s being instructed to go.  To not try.  To just do.  To not think…because the second you think about it, it becomes more difficult.  To struggle to turn my mind off for the first 30 minutes, and by the time I hit 90 minutes, I can’t even think about a thing.   To leave all my stress and feelings on the mat.  My instructor said, “Every time you come to the mat it’s a step in the right direction.”
And as much as I fear that room – because hey, Bikram is hard…and you can’t win at yoga….it’s a battle between your mind and your body and no one else….and before I walk in there I honestly never know what is about to happen….as much as it can suck at times, it’s amazing euphoria when it’s over.  It’s amazing to do that battle with myself for 90 minutes in that heat.  It’s the only thing I’ve found that really quiets my mind.  Sometimes – usually around the 60/70 minute mark, I get hit with this wave of “oh sh*t” where I feel like I’m either going to puke, cry or faint.  It hits all at once…and at that moment when I can’t even move into position, my instructor will notice and say something amazing like, “maybe you feel nauseous or emotional or dizzy…just let it go.  It’s okay.  Don’t label it.  It’s not bad or wrong.  It is what it is.  Let it go.”  And when I realize I’m already labeling myself as weak in my head, and I hear her voice telling me to stop,  those thoughts flee my body, and I come back to my breath, and I feel fine.
The mind is so powerful.  The mind body connection is even more powerful.
If we could all connect with ourselves – shut off the external world and distractions and just reconnect every single day to who we are and our bodies and how we feel from the inside out and shut off the monkeys yapping in our heads and feeding us false information about ourselves….if we can tackle that…at least try, I think we would all be in a better place.
So that’s my May:  Hot yoga and lots of juice and smoothies.  May is just 31 days.  After an April from hell, I’m making May into heaven.
Isn’t it time you re-shaped your daily experience?  Find what de-stresses you…find it and hold onto it…fit it into your schedule.  Make it work.
You’re worth it.

Lovely comments!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Lauren I just love your outlook on everything! Your posts are just fantastic 😀
    Natalie. Australia!

  2. Thank you so much, Natalie!!! Happy to have you as a reader! 🙂

  3. I love this. I often have the same experiences during a 90 minute Bikram class as well 😉

    And you are so right. God doesn’t want us to struggle with more than we can handle. When we are frustrated, confused, or overwhelmed, it’s usually a tell-tale sign that we are doing something that only HE can.

    Thanks for sharing! XO

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