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Raw Edible Pop Art Party

As a Featured Publisher on, I am thrilled to have been selected this month to participate in the Foodbuzz 24×24 – that’s 24 dinner parties around the globe in the same 24 hours. Last night’s dinner party went off with a POP!   A RAW EDIBLE POP ART PARTY!   I wanted to create food that was visually stimulating and that you could also, literally, pop into your mouth.  I’ve always been a huge fan of pop art and find myself constantly inspired by art in general, in whatever form it may be.  Finding a way to combine art

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A Fruity Breakfast

MMMMM. BREAKFAST! People say that they don’t have time for breakfast. I disagree. It’s the most important meal of the day! You hear people say that a lot and for good reason. You wouldn’t expect your car to run on an empty fuel tank, so why expect the same from your body? If you have time to eat fruit, you have time for breakfast. Breakfast is something that you make time for. Find an extra ten minutes in the morning. Set your alarm for 15 minutes ahead of schedule…and then enjoy! On the Menu: Strawberries Oranges Bananas with raw almond

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