Raw Edible Pop Art Party

As a Featured Publisher on www.Foodbuzz.com, I am thrilled to have been selected this month to participate in the Foodbuzz 24×24 – that’s 24 dinner parties around the globe in the same 24 hours.
Last night’s dinner party went off with a POP!  

I wanted to create food that was visually stimulating and that you could also, literally, pop into your mouth.  I’ve always been a huge fan of pop art and find myself constantly inspired by art in general, in whatever form it may be.  Finding a way to combine art with colorful and artistically playful food was something I was beyond excited about.  
First, I needed the art.  You can’t invite people to a raw edible pop art party if you don’t have any pop art to show them… (well, I guess you could, but they would leave). While artists like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein are amazing and well known, I like to celebrate the artists of today who are amazing.  Ever hear of artist Kyle Whary?  Well, now you have.  Kyle Whary is an artist in Pennsylvania who rocks the pop art scene.  He is such an incredible talent.  This is just a tiny sample of his work. You can see more at http://www.kylewharyart.com/

Kyle has been blessed with a gift for art and his pop art and abstract works are truly stunning. They’re also currently in my house. Yay!  Kyle was kind enough to whip up some pieces for this event for me (the man paints so fast it’s like he has brushes made of lightning) and I was thrilled to dazzle my guests with them.  It was an amazing night.  There was art, music, a marriage proposal: when you give people delicious, healthy food, they tend to ask you to marry them…hey, it happens! AND I was given the nickname “food magician” by one of my friends.  What more could you ask for?

Check out the photos!

Raw Organic Fruit Skewers

Raw Popsicles – The top half was made from all organic mango, pineapple, raspberry and orange and the bottom half was made from banana and carrot.  Just blend up in a blender like a smoothie and pour into popsicle molds.  I may or may not have spiked these with Rain Organic Vodka.  😉
Kyle Whary Pop Art on the walls
Raw Mini Pizza – I used raw yellow squash as the base and topped with a raw sundried tomato cashew cheeze and cherry tomatoes.
Raw Banana Sushi – Collard greens, raw almond butter, banana.  Super easy, delicious and totally pop-able!
Cucumber cups filled with raw cashew dill cheeze.
Mini Raw Chocolate Pies
Mini Raw Strawberry Ice Cream Stars
Mini Chocolate and Pumpkin Spice Raw Balls and Raw Ball Pops!
Raw Strawberry Cheezecake – not quite pop-able unless you have a very large mouth, but I just had to make it!
…and let’s not forget, the Wine Lollies!  
What’s a wine lolly?  It’s exactly what you think it is.  Deliciously fun.  Just check out these happy folks, wine lolly in hand…err..mouth!

More art, laughs and wine…
That’s me rolling up some extra raw banana sushi.
Another incredible painting from http://www.kylewharyart.com/

Wine lollies.  Greatest thing.

Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate Raw Food by Raw Is Sexy, Pop Art by Kyle Whary, and awesomeness in general.  What a fun night!

To see more of Kyle’s work check out http://www.kylewharyart.com/ or send him an email at kylewharyart@yahoo.com
For complete recipes to everything you see here, stay tuned!  I’m putting together an e-book that will contain all of my go-to raw food party recipes that are simple, delicious and good for you too!

Lovely comments!

  1. How fun is this! Love all these ideas! So cute!

  2. I had so much fun! I was completely blown away by the flavors of what you created. I could easily get used to that.

  3. It looks like it was a fun party. Congratulations for being selected to host a foodbuzz 24X24 party!

  4. That food looks amazing!! and I love all the colors. So fun to see everyone coming together for the love of good healthy food!

  5. That looks super fun! Love the wine Lollies!

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