Juice – The Sweet Tart

ALL RECIPES WILL SERVE 2 PEOPLE OR ONE VERY THIRSTY PERSON.  🙂  They can fill 2 pint glasses, so that’s 32 ounces for you kids who failed math.  Wink wink.

I came up with this recipe yesterday, and the combo of the grapefruit and carrots balance each other out.  It was a sweet, yet tart, refreshing, energizing juice.  For that reason, I’m calling this, The Sweet Tart.

(all ingredients are organic.  always – you don’t want to be juicing pesticide into a glass)

1 bunch of celery
2 red delicious apples
5 large carrots (like real carrots, that are giant, not those tiny processed single serving wussy carrots the size of your thumb)
1 red grapefruit


Lovely comments!

  1. Sounds like a wonderful juice recipe – I’ve been experimenting with raw recipes and am happily surprised at how delicious some of them are. Great post!

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