Get Ready for RAWKTOBER!

So the FOOD SECTION of the YEAR is here.  What do I mean?  It’s the time of year where I try to make it from Halloween to New Years without packing on the pounds and resisting processed junk food temptation.  How do I do it?  I make DELICIOUS yummy alternatives out of super healthy ingredients (that taste even better than the original). It’s true. Just ask my Mom. She rawks.

October – now known as RAWKTOBER – is the perfect month to get those healthy habits in line before the holiday season is knocking at our doors.

I’m so excited to make some fun RAWKTOBER recipes that satisfy your seasonal cravings in a healthy, delicious way!

Apple pie breakfast in a bowl!
Pumpkin custard!
Carrot cake smoothie!
Pumpkin spice smoothie!
and whatever else we can think of!

Last year was my first attempt at pumpkin pancakes and I made a banana-pumpkin version too.  Not raw, but healthy and delicious! I’ll be making those a few more times to get them to perfection!

Let’s get healthy habits and meal making down pat before the holiday season hits!  Join me for Rawktober and feel your rawest, sexiest self!

Rawk on.


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