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It’s been hard to keep this a secret for so long, but this is what I have been working on!  I am so thrilled to be able to offer this to you and so excited to share this with everyone.  Raw can be simple!  Raw can be easy – but without a plan it can be hard.  Want to be the healthiest version of you?  Are you new to raw food or want to make the transition but don’t know where to begin?  Have you been at it for a while but you are stuck in a rut?  Need help staying on track?  Want an easy plan to follow? Want to kick illness and dis-ease in the pants? Want to get a jump start on that New Years Resolution?  Raw Is Sexy will give you the tools you need to do just that.

No one needs to be sick or unhealthy.  There is nothing worse in the world than feeling tired, lethargic or overweight. Trust me, I know.  (I’ve got pics NO ONE has seen to prove it…fun before and afters of me will be in the community too!) Veggies and fruit have literally changed my life and they can change yours.  Fact.  I’m not making this stuff up. I’ve been working for the past year and half to find a way to bring all of my knowledge and insight to you in a way that is effective and easy to understand.  I’ve had numerous requests to do a giant Raw Is Sexy recipe book and one day, yes, I plan on releasing just that.  But what good is a book that sits on a shelf and collects dust?   You read through it a few times, make a few things and then go on your way.  It’s not interactive.  It’s not a continual source of encouragement, insight and motivation.  This membership community will be just that.  I can reach you and YOU and you and YOU and YOU over there and YOU TOO – I can reach all of you this way, give you the tools and answer your questions… make it fun, make it easy and let Raw Is Sexy be that source of inspiration and let it be the tool for you to change your life.


So what is coming?  All of this:

Raw and High-Raw Meal Plans complete with Easy Delicious Recipes and
Grocery Shopping Lists!
Videos, Rich Content and Plant Based Nutrition
ALL of my tips and tricks to keep you raw, vibrant, sexy and healthy including a Bonus Materials Section!
Interact with other members to stay on track! Q&A with me!
No more guess work.  No more feeling stuck.
Raw Is Sexy will make raw easy.
It’s all coming to you on November 23rd!!!
Stay tuned 🙂

Lovely comments!

  1. carole pollett says:

    would this site be free????

  2. This is awesome news! I can’t wait!

  3. I LOVE this!!! what a great idea. I can’t wait to see this Raw Is Sexy membership community flourish.

  4. dione farley says:


  5. Hi Carole! The membership community and meal plans will not be free, but they will be made very affordable to all! All of the details will be posted in the coming weeks! 🙂

    Hi Dione, that’s great! Excited to have you here and interested! 🙂

    Thanks, Jodi! Hope you will join in! 🙂

    Christian, woohoo! 🙂

  6. That is great news… cant wait by then…

  7. Love raw food, love the new membership idea! I’ll be in West Chester Friday for the show too! Holla holla holla!

  8. Launch Party! Can’t wait. Nice work Raw Is Sexy!!!

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