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I’ve been hooked on juice the past few days! Fresh veggie juice is so good for you – it’s a straight shot of nutrients into your body and keeps you feeling full and satisfied for hours!  Serve juice in a martini glass or a wine glass to make it just a little more fancy 🙂

I’ve been juicing beets, carrot, apple, ginger and cucumber lately.  I always go a little heavy on the ginger.  It’s warming and delicious!

What is your favorite juice?

Lovely comments!

  1. Great idea for a juice drink! And as far as dressing it up in a wine or a martini glass, you and I must be kindred spirits, lol. I drink EVERYTHING (well, cold beverages) in wine, martini and champagne glasses. It just turns the mundane into something special.

    Quick question if you don’t mind. What device do you use to make fruit juice (smoothies)? When I use my juicer, it separates the pulp (all that good, healthy fiber) from the juice. When I use my food processor ( a Ninja) I get chunky pesto like juice, if I can even call it juice at that point. Please advise.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Juilette,

      I use a vitamix to make smoothies and a breville juicer to make juice. Juicing and smoothies are different – the smoothie contains the fiber, the juice doesn’t. This makes it easier for your body and gives your digestive system a break when you juice – it’s like a straight shot of vitamins and nutrients to your cells. Both juice and smoothies are great!


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