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Choosing the Moment

Happy Saturday! This morning I woke up and had a pillow epiphany…aptly named as I was wide awake but still in bed, face on pillow, staring out the window at the trees.  So I thought I would write about it. Here it is. Choosing the Moment. We have so many sayings like “you only live once” and “be present” and “be in the moment” and “be here now” and “there is only the present” yadda yadda yadda.  You know what I’m talking about – it’s all over your Facebook news feed no doubt, in some pretty Instagram photo where someone is working out

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Rawgust and Believing in Yourself – Video

How is everyone doing this fabulous sunny Rawgust? Are you adding more fruits and veggies into your day?   Have you tried making a meal that was entirely raw vegetables?  Have you made a smoothie or a green juice for breakfast yet? It’s not to late to join in on all the Rawgust Fun! FRUIT IS FAST FOOD!  It really is.  Just grab some fruit and go!  Have more time?  Have 3 or 4 apples chopped up for breakfast. Sprinkle them with cinnamon.  Add a couple raw walnuts or pecans.  It’s fast, and I promise you will be full!  Do

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First Week Of Rawgust

Here are some things I’ve been eating this week… I’m hooked on melons, cantaloupe, simple veggies, and lots of fruit. What about you? How is your RAWGUST going? Are you making any fresh juices or smoothies? Are you packing healthy snacks for work and for the road? Is eating raw fruits and veggies making you feel vibrant?Electric?Energized? If you haven’t started yet, it’s never too late!  Let’s get Raw, Healthy and Sexy! Join me for RAWGUST!

Go raw for RAWGUST!

Tomorrow is August 1st, which many in the veggie loving land like to refer to as RAWGUST. A whole month of raw. Now you may be thinking, that’s bananas!  That’s coconuts!  There is no way I can be raw for an entire month!  That’s thirty days you crazy woman! You can participate in Rawgust at whatever level is comfortable for you…. You could be all raw all month and rawk your rawsome self day in and day out with fruits and veggies. You could just be starting out and new to this whole “veggie thing” but you want to get

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Breakfast Creation Bowl

This morning I made a Creation Bowl with a peach, banana, half an avocado, walnuts and cinnamon.  It was delicious, energizing and very satisfying. I was completely full until it was time for lunch!  What’s going in YOUR Creation Bowl?  Don’t be afraid to mix things up!  🙂  

Creation Bowl – #creationbowl

I want people to think about food in a different way.  Fruits, veggies, seeds, nuts, herbs…these grow outside in nature.  This is what we should be eating.  Food doesn’t grow in a bag or a box.  It doesn’t come from a factory.   God gave us these amazing bodies and He also gave us amazing food.  You see the birds and the animals outside everyday.  Do the birds worry about what they will eat?  How do they know what to eat?  God feeds them.  God feeds us in the same way.  We have all been provided for. Then God said,

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Juice – The Sweet Tart

ALL RECIPES WILL SERVE 2 PEOPLE OR ONE VERY THIRSTY PERSON.  🙂  They can fill 2 pint glasses, so that’s 32 ounces for you kids who failed math.  Wink wink. I came up with this recipe yesterday, and the combo of the grapefruit and carrots balance each other out.  It was a sweet, yet tart, refreshing, energizing juice.  For that reason, I’m calling this, The Sweet Tart. THE SWEET TART (all ingredients are organic.  always – you don’t want to be juicing pesticide into a glass) 1 bunch of celery 2 red delicious apples 5 large carrots (like real carrots,

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A Raw Perspective

Take it with a grain of salt.Find your balance.Keep it in perspective.See the big picture.Look at the high level view.Ask yourself, will this matter a year from now? Lately a theme has been repeating itself in my life. It’s been coming in the form of my friends. A theme about balance and finding it.  Living it. Reminding me to find mine. I’m a big fan of God.  Huge fan. HUGE.  I like to think I’m a season ticket holder (He’s laughing right now I know it.) I know God is everywhere.  In everything.  I believe He can speak to us

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