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Fresh Fruit & Raw Granola Layered Breakfast

Fresh fruit: strawberries banana mango with Kaia brand raw buckwheat granola cereal. Also added shredded organic coconut and raw cacao nibs.   Pour in some coconut milk (or almond milk or hemp milk) and serve!  Have a sexy raw day! Xoxo


You may have noticed that Raw Is Sexy has a new look! I’ll be making changes and additions to this site (with the help of an amazing web designer) over the next few days in order to make your reading experience more enjoyable!  If you check the tabs at the top, you will notice new pages (which will soon be over flowing with content) and categories that make it easier to find what you are looking for!  Everything should be up and running soon, so sit tight and keep checking back. Have a Raw Sexy Day! xoxo

Green Smoothie with Sunwarrior

Good Morning Raw Sexy Friends!   There is no reason to skip breakfast, especially when you can prepare it in just minutes!  If you have a blender, it’s even faster.  I love to make green smoothies and sometimes I like to add protein powder!     There are lots of protein powders out there, but Sunwarrior Warrior Blend is my favorite!  It’s all natural and it’s made from 4 ingredients: Hemp, Coconut, Cranberry and Pea.   How awesome is that?  It also makes everything taste amazing.  The vanilla makes my green smoothies taste like a vanilla milkshake, plus I’m getting

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Rock Climbing Adventure

Rock climbing rocks!  Up until last weekend, I had only experienced rock climbing at indoor rock gyms.  This past Sunday, however, I experienced this: And I climbed this (I even made it to the top!) They call that a chimney climb…you press your back against the rock behind you and put your feet on the rock wall in front of you and then climb up the wall.  You can also drop your foot behind you against the rear wall and push yourself up that way – they call that a scissor kick.  This looked so intimidating to me at first

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Who Said Breakfast Was Boring?

Want to be healthier in 2012?  Don’t Skip Breakfast!Here are some of my favorite breakfast recipes from 2011!Banana Pumpkin Pancakes Dates and Almond Butter – Great on the Go! Banzai / Acai Bowls – Make them your Own! Raw Breakfast Sushi Cereal Change Up ORKeep It Simple with these ideas: Breakfast Smoothie made with spinach, banana, berries and spring water/almond milk. Oatmeal with cinnamon and sliced apples/banana Grab a couple pieces of fruit on your way out the door (and eat them!) Sliced fruit dipped in your favorite nut butter Sprouted or multi grain toast with sliced bananas and

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A Brand New 2012

It’s 2012! Wooohoooo! Time for a fresh start!  Or a Diet!  Or a new hobby!   Or a fresh-new-diet-hobby! If you checked out my last post I talked about this cool new rad thing called “A Finish List” where you just list all the stuff you are going to finish. That got me thinking in a different way. Sometimes we tend to bash the prior year and try to forget it and say THIS year is going to be the best one ever.  Well, it will be, of course, because today you and I are still alive and breathing.  So since

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