Raw Is Sexy Spring Clean!

Spring is just a few weeks away and my body can sense it!  Winter is a tough time of year for so many people. Sure, you can be a winter sports enthusiast, which I absolutely recommend, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t feel down and bummed out occasionally with the winter-oh it’s so cold out-blues.   Usually in the winter I gain anywhere from five to ten pounds, I have cabin fever, I curse the clouds when my car still hasn’t warmed up by the time I arrive at my destination and I indulge in food that isn’t necessarily wonderful for me to be eating.  It’s a depressed, unmotivated, hibernation stage.  The only problem with that is… I’m not a bear! Nor do I live in an igloo out in the snowy tundra.  I live in a warm house.  I have a gym membership.   But lack of warmth from the sun and lack of sunshine in general can affect us in crazy ways.  It can get to all of us.

This winter  has been easier for me (despite our crazy storms and weather) because I’ve taken up skiing.  My boyfriend Ryan can list Ski Instructor as one of his many talents.  He taught it for a long time and he’s amazing at it.  He taught me how to ski in one day.  ME!  And boy was I scared excited!  This is me – trying not to panic totally calm and collected on the chairlift.  🙂


I had only set foot on skis once in my life when I was 9 years old and I went somersaulting down the mountain, never to touch skis again (I know, I’m slightly dramatic).  I’ve never met someone who was so good at teaching and so patient and giving of their time as Ryan.    Ryan can do crazy impressive things on skis, but he stayed by my side on the “green” hill for hours to teach me, encouraging me the entire time.   By the end of the first day I went down the mountain three times by myself…doing S-turns the whole way.   Having a fun outdoor activity to do in the snow has made a huge difference in my life this winter.

What if you’re not a skier, sled or snowshoeing  enthusiast?

Well, how about a hike? A walk? A jog? A run?  Yoga/crossfit/zumba/cycling/hopscotch? Multiple games of Wii dancing?

Don’t wait for April flowers to begin getting back into your spring/summer fitness routine.  Dress for the weather and get moving.  It’s easy to think, oh, I’ll wait until the weather warms up and then I’ll begin working out…or I’ll wait until it’s nicer/more comfortable/there’s more daylight/the planets have aligned/there is world peace/I’m having a good hair day –  to workout or do something active.  That’s not a good thought.  It’s the absence of a plan.  Too cold for comfort?  Hop on your treadmill, drive to the gym, pop in your yoga DVD – whatever it is, any activity is better than none at all.  Go on a 30 minute walk with a friend after work.  You’ll feel better, you’ll have more energy, your mood will improve and that makes everyone around you feel better!  You only have energy to give to others if you first take care of yourself.

Spring is just around the corner!  It’s time to SPRING CLEAN your body and mind!  Be more active NOW.  Make better food choices NOW.

***Bonus – being active helps you stay on track with the food choices that you make each day.  It makes living a healthy lifestyle easier!    They go hand in hand.   I’m beginning a Raw Sexy Spring Clean “detox” for March!  If you are looking for recipes, tips and how-to’s, join the Members Community!  {Just click where it says JOIN up top}  The Spring Detox Meal Plan is located there (along with raw and high raw meal plans, recipes, and tons of raw sexy healthy bonuses!)  Indulge in the healthiest way possible with EASY delicious raw creations just like these!  If you’re participating in the plan, just hashtag #rawissexyspringclean in your posts!  Encourage others to get healthy and rawsome!



It’s time to shake off those winter blues and uncover the raw, sexy, springtime YOU!



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