Raw Is Sexy Spring Fitness Challenge!

I have for you, not one, but 2 Raw Is Sexy Spring Fitness Challenges!

Why 2?  Because I’m slightly bananas.

Here’s the deal…

My birthday is coming up exactly one month from tomorrow – April 23rd.


I like to give myself gifts of wellness and health and having my birthday looming up ahead is always a fabulous motivator.  Plus, the weather here on the East Coast is LESS THAN.

It’s less than warm, less than awesome, less than perfect and certainly less than desirable   Spring arrived on the calendar but it didn’t arrive in my backyard, thus leaving me in that dreaded weather limbo funk.  You know, the one where it’s cold out but there isn’t any snow.  It’s cloudy and windy and no one wants to run in that kind of weather.  Heck, I can’t even walk to my car without the wind making my eyes tear up and water.  It looks like I’ve been crying by the time I get inside the house and I might as well be crying because the weather is such a bummer.

I have a rockin’ dress that I want to wear on my birthday and it’s time to shed the rest of those “winter pounds”.   Also, I need your help.  It’s much easier to workout with a buddy than it is to do it on your own, so I created a challenge!

There Are 2 Challenges To Choose From:

1. Break a sweat every single day for the Month of April – Start April 1st

That means you have to be active in some form of fitness activity EACH day for 30 days!  It can be anything you enjoy doing: running, yoga, spin class, weights, swimming, hiking etc.

2. 30 Days of Bikram Yoga or other Yoga Challenge – Start April 1st

I’ll be doing this one for sure – so if you are a yogi or aspiring yogi, yoga lover or you are brand new to it and need motivation to try it out – here it is!  Find a local class and see if you can practice yoga every day for 30 days.   I’ve tried this before (half heartedly so) and failed.  So this is a big challenge for me.  I want to complete all 30 days, no matter what life throws at me.

GUIDELINES:  {They’re pretty simple}

  1. You must be a member or  Join the Members Community to participate.  You will receive immediate access to meal plans, recipes, nutrition info {all of which make your workouts better!}
  2. Friend me on Facebook and I will add you to the private members community where you will receive support from other members and special recipes as well!
  3. Send me an email by March 29th to let me know you are participating – lauren@rawissexy.com
  4. Take a picture of each workout.
  5. Post that photo in the Private Facebook Members Group every day of the challenge.  {If you are a member and you are not on Facebook, you can email the photo to me daily instead.}

I want to see you in your workout gear rockin out every single day!   Not only does posting the photo hold you accountable, but it inspires and motivates other members to get off their bums and get movin’!  If you are a member but are not in the private FB community for some reason, send me a message and I’ll get you added – lauren@rawissexy.com

PRIZES: {They’re pretty awesome}

  • 2 Members who successfully complete the 30 day challenge will win a Raw Is Sexy Goodie Box full of my favorite things from a bag of Rockin’ Wellness to my favorite beauty and skincare products.
  • ALL MEMBERS who successfully complete the challenge will receive a shipment of my famous raw dessert – Raw Balls!
  • You will be featured as a challenge winner in a post on this website!


***UPDATE – Due to so many requests, all can participate at some level – read the update here: http://rawissexy.com/2013/03/april-1st-fitness-challenge-update.html




Get in shape, feel revitalized, energized, rawsome and sexy from the INSIDE out!   Workout WITH me!  Let’s do this together!!!




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