Saturday Morning – Mangos and Joshua Micah

I know my body can sense that Spring is almost here when I start craving the sweeter fruits for breakfast.  All I want right now is a pile of fruit and sweet cold smoothies.

I woke up in a total mango mood this morning.  Mangos can look intimidating to eat but they are really simple once you get the hang of it.  I stand the mango up vertically, place my knife on either side of the stem and slice downward to take the one side off, then I spin it and do the same on the other side, resulting in leaving the pit in a slice in the middle.  You can trim the edges of that too.



Then I take each half and make slices with the knife in one direction, then the other, checker board style.  Bend the slice outward and the mango squares practically pop off.  Or you can take a spoon and scoop them all out into a bowl.

When ripe, mangos are super sweet and delicious.  They can transport any smoothie recipe to a tropical island feel and they’re also great in fancy raw breakfast dishes – tart style (stay tuned…i’m making that for a brunch tomorrow!)

Hope your Saturday gets off to a healthy and happy start.   I found this rawkin’ artist on Instagram last night and thought I would share his song here – it made me want to dance and that’s always a good way to wake up!  Add this one to your playlist!  Go shake your raw and sexy bod!


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