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April Fitness Challenge – Progress Update

It’s DAY 9 of the Fitness Challenge!  The participants are rockin’ and rollin’ and kicking major booty with their posts, pics and updates! Here is just a sample of what these amazing folks are doing! Love checking out my challenge participants on Instagram!  Search hashtag #rawfit30 for motivation and to see what they are up to! Folks in the members community have been diligently posting their updates on the private Facebook group page as well! Want to join in the challenge? Do it for yourself! Get moving! There are 2 and a half weeks left in April! DO IT FOR

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Fitness Challenge – Use Hashtag #RawFit30

    It appears as though Instagram isn’t a fan of the word “sexy” and has been deleting my hashtags.  Fooey! Please tag all of your photos and posts with #RawFit30 and I will track them that way! Thank you! Lauren

April 1st Fitness Challenge Begins Today!

It’s here!  Welcome to April 1st and the first day of your Fitness Challenge!  {If you are just hearing about this, check out my previous post for all of the details!}   Today is the day you get out of that slump you are in.  It’s the day that you say, “No more!” to those winter blues and cold weather blahs.  It’s a new day,  a new month, Spring is here and it’s time to start fresh!  You have a blank page in front of you!  What will your story be? Do the challenge. Join us. Don’t say that you

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