Man Cures Cancer with Raw Food Vegan Diet

I wish that everyone in the world knew about this.

I wish their doctors had studied nutrition and not just “medicine”.

I wish people knew that there IS another road you can take in the war on cancer.

I wish people knew that not only can you prevent, but you can reverse diabetes, heart disease and many cancers with a raw food vegan diet.  There are more and more studies coming out (finally!) that prove that certain cancers ARE the result of diet and lifestyle.  Well my friends, if you can eat your way into illness, you can eat your way OUT of illness!  FOOD IS MEDICINE.

But don’t take my word for it, take his:

CLICK THE LINK BELOW to watch this short and powerful testimony from a man who cured himself with raw foods.  Raw food should not be considered an “alternative” method to fight cancer – it should be THE method!






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