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Evolution Fresh Juices at Starbucks!

Sweet relief! I am always so excited when I see a healthy option land in a popular place.  No time to make your own juice this morning?  Did you need to grab something quick in a pinch? These will do the trick!  I stumbled upon these at my local Starbucks this morning! Both tasted very good but I actually preferred the Sweet Greens (pictured below) – I found that one definitely filled me up and was more satisfying hunger wise since it contains so many yummy veggies!  But the coconut was delicious as well and will keep you hydrated! Try

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The End of YOLO

YOLO – The unfortunate acronym for the phrase, “You Only Live Once” which, as pointed out by David McCullough Jr. should actually be, “You Live Only Once” or YLOO. Unless you’ve been living under a mossy rock, you’ve undoubtedly heard the word YOLO tossed about.  Usually it’s spoken at the end of someone doing something stupid, or perhaps it’s spoken before someone does something dangerous.  It’s a word used to rationalize all sorts of silly behavior because hey, you only live once.  Right?  So why not?!  Why not just do it – whatever “it” happens to be. I’ll tell you why.

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Keeping it Simple

  What’s your morning routine? I really loved waking up to a simple breakfast of fruit, coffee and sunshine at our farmhouse B&B.  Jodi and I would sit on the deck and talk, listen to the toads in the pond having toad conversations with one another and watch the clouds go by.  We were sans computer and TV which was lovely.  It was refreshing.  It was the perfect way to begin a day. Trying to replicate that at home can be a little trickier but it’s really not that hard, it’s just a choice.  A choice to wake up and

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Woodstock, Catskills, Rhinebeck – Road Trip

Unplugged enlightenment. So many good things happen when you explore nature, unplug from the outward and venture inward. Here are some photos from my weekend with my friend Jodi…   The Catskills in NY are so beautiful and peaceful. The farmhouse B&B we stayed at in Rhinebeck, NY was beautiful, quiet and surrounded by lush greenery.  We sat on the deck over looking the trees and pond, watching deer, butterflies and dragonflies go by.  We also had this little guy sitting on the deck…needless to say it was very zen and much needed. Our living space was airy and relaxed

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Road Trip!

I am sending this post from my phone as a test-before I head out on a little adventure road trip with my best friend, Jodi! I’ll post some photos of our trip along the way! Hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week!

Dairy-free Ice Cream

This is the easiest DAIRY-FREE ice cream you will ever make!!! Bottom layer=frozen ripe bananas. Top layer=frozen blueberries. That’s it!!! Put in the food processor and blend! How To?  I take very ripe bananas, peel them, break them into 2 inch chunks and put them in a plastic baggie in the freezer over night.   Then just put some in your food processor and pulse until they begin to mix together into a creamy mixture that is the same consistency as ice cream!  It’s THAT EASY!  You could add a scoop of raw almond butter, you could add frozen raspberries

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Portobello Mushroom Mountain

I found these amazing portobello mushrooms at the market and decided to turn them into a meal in itself!     I took the Portobello mushroom and seasoned with braggs liquid aminos, topped with greens, tomato, and a mixture of brown basmati rice, chick peas and avocado. I heated in the dehydrator until warm, but you could put these in the oven until warm as well.   You can use quinoa instead of brown rice, add lentils, broccoli…whatever combo of veggies you like!  This was extremely filling and I can’t wait to make another version of this again! Enjoy! xoxo

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Somewhere Between a Nun and a Rockstar

There is a middle ground somewhere between being a nun and a rockstar and I’ve given myself permission to find it. Permission.  It shouldn’t even be the right word.  Authorization to do something. Formal consent.  The act of permitting.  I was unaware until 30 short minutes ago that I was denying myself permission.  Telling myself, “no, I can’t do that, I need to be doing this…” for goodness knows how long…maybe my entire life? I was chatting with my BFF Jodi – she’s known me since I was 18 so she’s excellent at guiding me right into personal ah-ha moments

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