Back from Vacation!

Hey Friends!

I just got back from some time away and I’m feeling totally revived and rejuvenated.   Sometimes it’s good to unplug from the social media world, clear our minds and relax.  It can be difficult to maintain focus and see our path clearly if we are constantly bombarded by messaging and information from sources outside of ourselves.

Some sunshine and surfing was just what I needed.  Nothing like getting rocked by some waves and popping up on a board to make you feel alive.  My surf instructor, Dave, at the Avalon NJ Surf School was awesome.  He made me feel very comfortable and confident in the water.  I had a blast and can’t wait to get back out there.  If you want to learn how to surf, I definitely recommend them!


It’s easy to eat healthy on vacation.  I know a lot of people throw caution to the wind and eat “whatever” when they are on vacation, but I like to feel energized and awesome so I keep fruits, veggies and healthy options on hand.  Most mornings I had fruit for breakfast.  I found a restaurant in Stone Harbor, NJ that specialized in healthy fare and ordered their Garden of Eden salad.  They really did give me the entire garden!  It was more veggies than one person can handle, but it was delicious!  Check out Green Cuisine if you are in that area.


That’s my pre-surf breakfast on the right – mango and kiwi!  So easy and gives you instant energy.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and make sure you take some time to unplug, unwind and clear your mind.  It makes a world of difference.  OH!  And some cool changes are coming shortly to this site so stay tuned.  Time at the beach gave me some great ideas 🙂


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