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Zucchini Pasta – The Healthy Pasta

Love pasta but looking for something healthier?  If you haven’t heard of zucchini pasta, tonight is your lucky night! Instead of using traditional pasta you can use a ZUCCHINI!  That’s right.  All you need is a spiral slicer (available for around $30) and you can make any veggie into pasta-like strands.  Just check out the delicious dish I made for dinner last night. Those pasta-like strands are just zucchini!  That’s it!  It’s so simple.  I topped the zucchini “pasta” with avocado, sundried tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, nutrition yeast, ground black pepper, a pinch of sea salt and for a dressing I

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Yoga Life Adventures – A Retreat Worth Taking

I may be biased, but it’s only because I know the Yogi behind this retreat in an intimate way.  She and I used to take baths together as kids.   So when I tell you this is a retreat worth taking, that your food will be beyond top notch, your experience invigorating and one of a kind, and your yoga – phenomenal…I’m speaking straight from the heart. Ladies and Gentleman, my SISTER (oh yes, she’s a raw-tastic vegan chef too) has created a one of a kind yoga retreat experience known as YogaLife Adventures.  YogaLife Adventures is a retreat company

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