Good Karma Cafe in Red Bank, NJ

It really doesn’t get more beautiful than this!  Ladies and Gents, if you are ever in the great state of New Jersey, head on over to Good Karma Cafe in Red Bank.  I was lucky enough to be taken there this past weekend and it was a real treat.  I normally don’t make meals this fancy just for myself with all the beautiful garnishes and elegant presentation, so it’s always such a wonderful experience when I get to go to a raw restaurant that does.


Their raw lasagna was so delicious (photo above), and so huge!  I had trouble eating more than half of it!  But that’s because I had a large Live Lemonade which was apple, lemon and ginger over ice.  So good!  We also had the Live Nachos (delish!) and Whole Lot of Love, which is the photo below.  Who doesn’t want to order some love for lunch?


I can’t wait to go back to Good Karma and try the rest of the live food menu…and maybe some of their vegan magic cookies too!

The servings are very generous and I know you will love every bite!


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