Vegan Fitness and a Badass Trainer


It’s a powerful thing.  Belief in yourself.  Belief in your abilities.

Faith that you can accomplish a goal that you have set out before yourself.

Faith that God has led you here and continues to lead your steps.  I ask God to guide my feet, on the daily.  Guide my steps.  Which oddly enough makes me think of the scene in The Princess Bride when Inigo asks his departed father to guide his sword.  Same thing…different Father. 😉

For me, life is all about love and purpose.

I believe with all of my heart and soul that I am here for a reason, for a purpose, and that you are too.  When I make a decision that’s true to my heart, when I go with my own intuition, when I ask God to guide me in my decision making, and if something isn’t right, to let me know, let me feel it, and if it is right, lead me there… which makes the world of difference for me.

I receive emails and messages from people who tell me that I inspire them…but if only they knew that I drew so much of my inspiration from those emails.  If only they knew that when I receive a note like that, it’s like pouring passion-gasoline on an already ignited purposed-filled fire…for me to continue to make each person healthier.  To help each person enjoy their life just a little bit more, because they have the good health and fitness to do it.  I guess it comes down to my wanting to heal the world.

Of course, the catch with that is… I had to first heal myself.  I’ve done it with plant based nutrition and a high raw foods lifestyle.  I’ve conquered years of disordered eating.  I’ve maintained a healthy lifestyle and weight now for the past 6 years.  SIX YEARS PEOPLE!  (I just high-fived myself…you weren’t here.) Anyone can lose weight, but keeping it off and MAINTAINING a healthy lifestyle is the key.  I’ve run 5ks and done obstacle courses.  I feel healthy on a daily basis.  It’s awesome.  I have tons of energy.  Like…doing laundry at 10:30 at night energy because I just want to keep moving around.

But, I want to be SUPERFIT!  Super Woman style.  Wonder Woman style.  I have this fantasy where I walk down the beach in a bikini and you just faint.  You just PASS OUT.  Domino style everyone passes out. And then doves magically fly around and there’s gold glitter confetti exploding out of canons and a dolphin pops out of the ocean to kiss me on the cheek.  Maybe there is even a pirate handing me a cocktail.  Seriously, THAT level of fit.  It’s just something I’ve wanted for myself for a while now. And NOW…I’m actually taking the steps to get there.  Once I get there…that means I can finally help YOU get there with YOUR fitness!  So on my way to becoming a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, I hired my own trainer.


He’s rad.



So, check this out, this is my new fantastic gym with so much fun stuff I can’t even begin to list it, but, ok fine,  I will. 🙂


Where do I begin?  This place is HUGE and it has EVERYTHING you need.  If you think of something that they don’t have, they’d get it…but trust me, they already have it.  They even have your favorite smoothie.


And this is only THE BACK ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!

Ropes, Balls, Weights, Bars, Sleds, and crazy creative trainers behind each and every move.

Tonight’s session was awesome, and I left feeling super badass…Like oh trust me, I’m starting to see gold glitter confetti on the beach 😉

Nutrition update is next, stay tuned!!!


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