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32 Vegan Recipes Perfect for Thanksgiving

Found this great collection of recipes when I was browsing Pinterest!  Check it out at the link below! 32 Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes  

Avoid the Holiday Weight Gain

Good Morning Friends, It’s the day after Halloween, which means, it’s time to put the candy down.  Seriously, put it down.  Throw it out. Give it away.  Take it into your office and gift it to another department.  Throw it into the trash.  For real, throw it out. Fire up your juicer or blender!  Kick off the day after Halloween with a fresh green juice or your favorite smoothie!  It’s a new day!  Embrace your best self! There’s a way to avoiding holiday weight gain.  It begins now as we move through Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.  Everyone seems

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