New Year’s Resolutions

Before setting new goals for the New Year, take an hour and journal your victories, accomplishments & growth, no matter how small for 2013! List them ALL!

We are in such a rush sometimes to make new goals and beat ourselves up for what we think we didn’t achieve, but that’s because we have a tendency to focus on the negative. The negative always stands out to us more than the positives, whether it’s because we felt pain, our hearts were broken, we lost a loved one, we lost a job, we had a medical issue, we grew apart from a friend – don’t let those negatives shadow the beautiful positives from this past year!

Did you make a new friend? Did you ace that project at work? Did you help someone who really needed help? Did you take the high road in a situation? Did you make time to pray or meditate more this past year? Did you eat healthy foods more? Were you good about being active? Did you finally pay off that debt? Did you share yourself with others? Did you make someone’s life happier? No matter how small – the positives matter. Don’t discount them and make a new goal to be better. Give credit where credit is due.

Once you begin your list of accomplishments, positives, growth and victories in life for this past year, I bet you’ll be amazed at how much you have to write down. Write it all down. Take stock of all that you became, all that you overcame, all that you loved and shared and gave. Sit with that for a while before you decide your new direction and goals for 2014.

Give yourself that gift today! Trust me, it will make you feel great all day after you make that list. Give yourself that high five you deserve. It’s been quite a year.

Celebrate YOU today!



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