Happy New Year 2014!

Happy New Year 2014


2013 was a tough year for me.  There were ups at the beginning, then downs…then wayyyyy wayyyy downs.  But right as the summer ended there were ups again…and then bigger ups…and new friends and new amazing people stepped into my life, and when the next tidal wave of down came crashing,  I didn’t sink because of the new people that God so brilliantly placed in my life beforehand.  Positive, passionate, uplifting people.  Shining beacons of light, love, encouragement, determination and hope.

I read a quote the other day that said, “When God closes one door, he opens another…but it can be hell in the hallway.”

That really made me laugh at first, but then I realized that I have some kickass, amazing people in my life who make hanging out in the hallway, waiting for that next door to open, pretty great.  Some even help  you kick the door down.

2013 was definitely a bit of a roller coaster but that ride is over!

I am so excited for this  new year and for the opportunity to write my own 2014 novel…

Today is the first page of the 365 page book that I get to write.  It’s the first page for you too!

I’m so excited to be entering into 2014 with the angels God put in my life right next to me.

I feel pretty darn blessed.

Wishing you all so much love that your heart bursts, so much faith that you never doubt, so much health that you never get sick, so much abundance that you have to keep giving it all away, so much compassion that you are always gentle hearted and kind, and so much adventure that you never know a dull moment.

Go write that first page…

Happy New Year!



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