Spring Forward into Sunshine!

Hallelujah the SUN is out! Can we get an Amen for natural lighting in which to photograph delicious food??!!!  Man, winters are tough on us food bloggers!  Sure you can create a lighting set up indoors, but there is nothing like the golden rays from the sun, cascading onto a delicious dish to add glimmer and gorgeousness to a photo.

Spring is almost here!  Our clocks jumped forward last night and while we lost an hour of sleep, it’s worth it for the sunshine!

Here’s my sunny spring breakfast to get you in the mood for sunshine, spring, summer, and feeling fabulous:  An orange, banana, strawberry smoothie!  I never measure amounts when it comes to a smoothie because fruit always tastes delicious!  This one had more oranges than anything else because I wanted it to taste extra orangy =)



Doesn’t that just look divine?  It was…actually, it is, I’m still drinking it. 🙂

Hope your Sunday gets off to a beautiful start!



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