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When you sign up for the Raw Sexy & Fit Program, you will receive all of the support you need in order to see incredible results. This includes the Raw Is Sexy Nutrition Plan with delicious recipes to help you adjust to eating a high plant based or fully plant based lifestyle, grocery shopping guide to help you navigate any grocery store with ease and and new recipes weekly to keep  you inspired!    You will also receive challenging workouts that include exercises for every fitness level.

Get The Raw Is Sexy Nutrition Plan

The Raw Is Sexy Nutrition Plan is not about restricting yourself to a diet but teaching you how to eat healthy for life. This food plan gives you freedom, never leaving you feeling deprived. You will learn to turn meal planning into a fun activity that you are able to maintain long term. Lauren will teach you how to easily make well-educated, healthy choices in any situation.  Discover how easy and fun eating a whole foods, plant based lifestyle can be.  Kick your cravings to the curb!  Learn how to thrive with a plant based lifestyle.  Watch your energy levels soar!  Watch the extra weight disappear!

An Environment for Success

The key to success is having a supportive environment. The Raw Sexy & Fit Program provides access to the closed Facebook group, group coaching, video connection with Lauren, and constant access to support, motivation, and accountability.

Within the group, we discuss not only nutrition and fitness, but also many of the underlying problems that can result in unmet goals and body image issues. We want you to experience a healthy transition, allowing you to achieve success mentally and physically.

What Will You Receive?

  • The Raw Is Sexy Nutrition Plan
  • The Raw Is Sexy Smoothie eBook
  • Customized meal plan consultation
  • New workouts each week
  • Weekly email support
  • A daily text message check-in
  • Access to the closed Facebook group for clients where you will find a private space of support and encouragement
  • Tips, guidance and motivation to stay healthy, active and on track

This program is designed to keep you motivated and inspired to finally achieve the amazing results you deserve. Raw Is Sexy cannot wait to help you meet your goals!

Stop with the excuses, stories and all those reasons you tell yourself as to why you can’t.   YOU CAN.  

You CAN do it!  Let’s do it together!

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