Breast Cancer & Birth Control Pills

Did you catch the short segment on the news this week about the study the shows that certain birth control pills may increase risk for breast cancer by 50%?


They were very quick to say that it was mostly the medium level to high level estrogen containing pills that were the cause and not the low-dose pills.


I’ve had three different women ask me for my thoughts on it after the segment aired.  (For anyone who doesn’t know: My Mom fought and beat breast cancer and that was really a pivotal event that shifted my focus to helping others prevent and reverse disease. I started the website to give people access to everything I had discovered in my research.)


This segment made me angry.  Really angry.  Why?
Because my Mother’s breast cancer specialist told me to get off of birth control pills 4 years ago when my Mother was first diagnosed.  When I asked why, he said something to the effect of, “Birth control pills create a very warm and nurturing environment for cancer growth.”  I was stunned.  I didn’t know what to say.  Why hadn’t anyone told me this before?  Why didn’t all women know this?  Why didn’t ANY doctor ever tell me this before they handed me the prescription?


My Mom’s cancer specialist is one of the best (link to his bio at bottom of post). So if he was telling me this, you bet I was going to listen.


Doctors knew this back then (or who knows for how long!) and this is just breaking news NOW?  Now a study appears on the news?  It took that long to tell women that bc pills “may” increase risk?


I’m angry.  I’m really angry.  There’s a very visceral level of fury that rises inside of me when people are not given the truth or the most current information to make informed decisions for themselves in a timely fashion.  I wrote a post on this back then when I learned this info and I’m writing this post today because it’s important enough to repeat.


If you have information on something, or knowledge of something like that, you have a responsibility to tell people.  I will always stand up and tell you exactly what I know and where I learned it because I want you to make informed decisions.  Whether or not you agree with me isn’t the point at all – I want you to have the information so that you can go do your own research and question what you’ve been fed as truth and be your own advocate.  Having to wrap my brain around the idea of losing my Mother changed something in me permanently.  It brought out the fighter in me.  I will always fight for others and fight to help others be healthy and kick disease in the ass.  Because no one has to be sick.  They just don’t.


I want every woman out there to know how her body works.  Your body isn’t something that happens to you.  You run this thing!  I want her to know what I know.  I want her to know that her body will work just fine on it’s own, without taking any pills. If you don’t want to take the pill, you don’t have to.   [If you take them for a certain medical reason or other reason that you’ve discussed and agreed upon with your medical professional, I am not disputing that.  I’m not a doctor.]  But I want you to have this information about the pill and how your body works.


The moon has cycles, right?
The tides go up and down.
Nature has cycles and seasons.
Women have a cycle.  It’s not something mysterious or anything to be bashful or ashamed of, although our society and culture makes it that way.


If you don’t want to take the pill, or you decide to stop taking it, I would recommend you purchase the book called Taking Charge of Your Fertility and learn how to chart your cycle online.  YES! You can chart your cycle online so that you know what your body is doing and when it is doing it.  I use the website called Cycles Page – and each month I enter the day that my period starts along with any symptoms if there are any (headache/cramps etc).  Cool features – the website will email and text me to let me know that my period is coming in 2 days or that I’m going to be ovulating in 2 days so that I have a heads up.  You can customize those settings for yourself.  It projects out for months, so you can see each month when it’s coming.  You know when you are fertile, you know when are are not.  So if you want to have sex with your partner and you don’t want to get pregnant, then don’t have sex during the week you are ovulating (which will be marked on the calendar for you), and if you do, use protection. If you DO want to get pregnant, then that’s the best week for you and the calendar will tell you that.  Amazing right?  A calendar just for your body.  That’s how awesome your body is.  The cool thing is, you can share your log in and password with your partner so they can see what the schedule is as well, so they are in the know and informed.  I’ve been using this website for 4 years and it’s awesome.  I get a text so I know when Shark Week is coming.  That’s right, I said Shark Week.


Which brings me to a pet peeve of mine: Grown women and young girls alike are so bashful about saying they have their period or that their period is coming.  I’m really tired of that.  We have the ability to create other people and that is mind blowing.  So just call it Shark Week. Sharks are kickass creatures and they rule the oceans.  They don’t take shit from anyone and they are survivors…like a lot of the women I know.  We’ve all survived and battled through something.  Shark Week it up ladies!  If men got a period, they’d announce it by beating on their chest Tarzan style, doing dead lifts and slamming a gong.  Why are we so hush hush about it?  Your body is a futuristic machine that can CREATE OTHER PEOPLE.  SERIOUSLY.  That’s fucking amazing.


Back to the book I recommended: Taking Charge of Your Fertility.  This thing is like a Bible.  It’s HUGE.  I ordered it and read it as soon as it arrived.


I couldn’t believe the amount of information in this book. Things no one had ever told me about how my body worked as a female.  Things they don’t teach you in school.  Things they SHOULD teach you in school.


I felt relieved.  I read it and thought, gosh, NOW I know how to fly this jet.  Now I know how to fly this helicopter. Now I know what every little bell and whistle means!  It’s like the scene in The Matrix where Trinity gets the helicopter manual downloaded to her brain in all of 10 seconds so that she can pilot that thing.


My message to every woman – get this book.  Get a copy of Taking Charge of Your Fertility.  Learn how your body really works. Explain it to the men in your life.  They should know this stuff too.  Understand that you can pilot your own helicopter without drugs to make it run on a schedule.  Your body has it’s own schedule and it works just fine.


As for me personally, I’ll never touch the pill again.  I’ve been fine without it for years now.  I don’t need a foreign substance to regulate what my body does naturally.  The information my Mother’s specialist gave me was enough for me to run with and do my own research, and that solidified it for me.   I wish I had been given this info a decade ago.  And if you are reading this, I would hope that you would share it with the women in your life, so that they can do their own research and make their own informed decisions about what goes in their body.  Don’t wait for the “breaking news” to finally announce it years later.  We all deserve better than that.




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