How to Get The Results You Want!

I emailed a client to ask them for a status update and this is an excerpt of the email I received back:


“I am still losing weight. I can get into all of my clothes. When I say “get into” I mean my size 14’s are too big, my 12’s are comfortable and I can suck it in really tight and get into my 10’s. In another 10 lbs the 10’s will fit comfortably as well. The lifestyle change has gotten much easier. I saw some past coworkers and friends and they were all astounded. They kept shaking their heads and used the word skinny. Not skinny yet, just less overweight. I am down to 174 lbs. I started off dieting in April at 212 lbs, lost 16 1/2 lbs with the clinic and the rest with your help. I feel amazing. I am still working out. Even with the trip, I still ran 2 mornings and worked vigorously in the yard the other two days.  I have no cravings, no desire to eat anything I shouldn’t and looking forward to experimenting to keep this interesting and alive. Again, I am forever in your debt! Love you!”


Emails like this are the reason I do what I do.  When I see that people’s lives are different and they feel better and have more energy and are healthier and happier, it makes every single second of what I do as a nutritionist, trainer and coach worth it.


So are you ready for the secret to this client’s success?


Here’s the big secret:


The REASON this client got results is because she did the work.  I didn’t do it for her.  I just gave her the tools and support so that she could do it on her own.  Because this is a lifestyle change and it has to work with her life.  It has to last for a lifetime.  Not 30 days.


I can tell you what to do and give you the tools and the support you need and it won’t make one bit of difference if YOU DON’T WANT IT.  You have to want it.  I can hand you the hammer but YOU have to swing it.  That part you must do on your own.


You have to be done with your excuses.  You have to want to make a change.  Lord knows I wish I could make you want it, but I can’t. So… if you are READY to make a change, drop your email below in the comments and I’ll contact you.   Or send me a message at


YOU CAN DO IT!  You just have to want to.  Aren’t you tired of all those reasons why you tell yourself you can’t??? It’s never too late.  You’re not a lost cause.
You just have to decide you’re worth it.
I think you’re worth fighting for.
Maybe it’s time you did too.

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