Bikini Competition – Recap

This past Saturday I participated in my first ever fitness event in the bikini category.  As many of you know, this wasn’t about winning for me, or even placing.  This was about doing something I had always wanted to do.  It was about taking on a challenge and seeing it through to the end, through hard days and doubt.

I can finally say, I DID IT!

Here is a stage shot from the event:

All made up and ready to go!


It was such a great experience and it just felt amazing to step on stage and show off my hard work and dedication. It’s all about the climb.  I felt like I had just climbed a mountain when the event was over and it wasn’t about something waiting on the other side.  It was all about the climb and the journey to the top of the mountain.  I came away feeling energized and inspired from being around so many other dedicated people.  I also met some really amazing women with their own unique passions in health and fitness.

The event itself is a long one.  My categories were last, so I didn’t step on the stage until the evening, which meant it was a long mental game.  You want to check out the other competitors, but doing so can just mess with your head.  I felt the best walking the halls with my headphones in listening to my music and keeping myself focused on what I had to do.  It would be very easy to psyche yourself out after staring at 6 pack abs all afternoon, and the minute that comparison reel started playing in my mind, I got up and shifted my focus back to me.  Selecting our thoughts is an active process that we must do each day.  Choose your thoughts the same way you choose your clothes in the morning.  Don’t like a thought you’re hearing?  Kick it out.  Ain’t nobody got time for that!  You have to select the thoughts that will get you to where you want to be.  It’s important in every area in life.  What you believe about yourself, you will achieve.

For a long time I “wished” I would feel comfortable enough to step out in a bikini in front of strangers.  But then I finally believed that I could.  And belief turned to knowing.  When you know yourself, and you know what you are capable of, and you believe that you can do it, and you surround yourself with those who believe in you too – NOTHING CAN STOP YOU.  You are the only one who will ever get in your way.  The minute you figure that out and know it deep in your soul – is the moment you realize that anything truly IS possible.  It’s all possible.

Will I do another fitness competition?  I don’t know.  I feel as though I accomplished everything I set out to achieve with this event.  There is so much that goes into an event like this that the average person outside of the fitness industry isn’t aware of – it’s really a lot and my focus is on helping others, so I’m excited to have that time back to do so.  I’ve had the experience and I feel fantastic about it.  I might do one again sometime down the road but I also may not.   The experience itself was so valuable.  I’ll be able to help any future clients who want to do one too since now I know the ropes!  But I know better than to say never… 😉

Ultimately, I  believe that health, strength and athletics far exceed aesthetics.  Our bodies are a result of the work that we do – what we put into them, we get out of them.  The body of a swimmer is different than the body of a sprinter, is different than the body of a rugby player or a long distance runner.  Our bodies are the miraculous amazing vehicles that we get to ride around in for life.  Make yours what YOU want it to be.

Mine?  Mine feels most beautiful when it’s doing something that makes it feel strong.  I feel sexiest when I’m lifting weights and dripping with sweat.  I feel good when I’m helping someone carry something heavy and I know that my body is able to help. I feel best when I’m showing someone how to make healthy meals and turn their favorite treat foods into healthy options.  I feel my passion ignite on fire when I’m helping clients achieve their fitness goals and showing them how to rock a certain exercise or movement.

So I’m hanging up the bikini for now and switching back into my gym gear and back to making dreams a reality. Changing lives! It’s the work I love best.

If there is something you want to do – go do it.  Life is short.  You never fail until you stop trying.  Don’t quit.  Don’t give up.

You’re better than that!

And who knows…you might just end up with some nifty awards and a spray tan.  A SERIOUS spray tan. 😉





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