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Mompops – The Healthy Vegan Popsicle You’ve Been Waiting For

May I present: Mompops! The most delicious vegan popsicles I’ve had the pleasure of sampling and just LOOK at how cute they are!  This is the perfect size for a popsicle really, just enough and not too much. Not so big that it will drip all over your hands or dribble down your chin, and just enough to keep your cravings and taste buds happy and satisfied!     I had the pleasure of meeting the Mom from Mompops and seeing the operation first hand. It’s so exciting to connect with others who are creating something that’s delicious but also healthy at the same time.

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Fake Food-Like Products via Jon Stewart

Happy Friday and Happy First Day of Spring!  You wouldn’t know it by the snow coming down here in PA, but it IS technically Spring and I am so happy about that.  Hopefully it melts quickly and the warmer weather comes our way! Anyhoo, here is a little humor from Jon Stewart for your Friday. The processed “food” industry is so absurd and ridiculous, this stuff always has me shaking my head. Stick to REAL food, folks! This junk isn’t food!   The Daily Show Daily Show Full Episodes,  More Daily Show Videos,  Comedy Central Full Episodes

How Many Nuts Are Too Many Nuts?

Do you often over indulge on delicious nuts?     Do you feel shame or guilt at the amount of nuts that you eat?  Have you gone so far as to pretend that you didn’t eat all of the nuts?  Who me?!     Nuts? What nuts?!  I don’t see any nuts! If you are a nut lover, furry or otherwise, this handy chart will help you keep things in portion control perspective: When buying a large bag of nuts, I always recommend that you separate them out into smaller 1 or 2 ounce baggies so that you do not

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I Believe I Can – Rock Climbing

Lately I’ve been really focused on improving my strength and functional fitness and I started getting back into rock climbing.  I used to climb – well boulder mostly, or try to boulder – with my brother and his friends a couple of years ago.  I recently got back into it more over last summer and I love it.  It’s hard.  It’s scary.  It’s incredibly challenging. It’s an adrenaline rush.  It’s problem solving with your mind AND body and it’s addicting.  I haven’t been able to climb this winter as much as I wanted to (what with all the sheets of

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Mint Chocolate Shamrock Shake

It’s time to get your Irish on! Skip the junk-filled generic shamrock shake and make this tasty delight instead! INGREDIENTS: 1 frozen ripe banana 1 handful of spinach 1 handful of mint leaves (I used about 10-15 mint leaves) 3/4 cup of almond milk  (add more if needed later – any diary-free milk will do if you don’t have almond milk) 1/4 tsp vanilla extract 1 tablespoon of dark chocolate chips  (or two…two tablespoons is okay too 😉 ) ENJOY! Note: For the frozen banana – you want the peel to be spotty with little brown dots – that’s how you

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Skinny’s Essentials – All Natural Skin Care & Beard Balm

You know how I always say that if you wouldn’t eat it, you shouldn’t put it on your skin? Well now there’s a skin care product line that, while they don’t typically recommend that you eat their products, they might keep you alive if you wind up stranded in the desert for a couple days!  They’re just that natural. I am a huge advocate for all natural skin care and beauty products.  When I say, “if you wouldn’t eat it, you shouldn’t put it on your skin”… what I’m really saying is that everything you put on your skin ends

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Tips to Help You Reach Your Goals!

I had a great class last night coaching my clients online.  Last nights class was about how to stay on track for success with your goals.  Here are a few of the tips I give my clients to help them stay on track to succeed: If your goal is to get stronger or to lose weight, set small milestone goals for yourself along the way.  Set a date to achieve your goals by, otherwise it’s not a goal, it’s just a WISH.  Be realistic with the date knowing this is a lifestyle and this process takes time and consistency.  

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Smoothies & Juices

It could be the increasing sunshine or the steadily warmer temperatures (well, warmer than zero is a bonus considering the winter we’ve had) but I am totally craving juices and smoothies right now! I usually have at least one smoothie a day.  My favorite at the moment is the banana blueberry smoothie pictured above, made with a scoop of sunwarrior warrior blend raw vegan protein in vanilla and water.  I use frozen ripe bananas so that I don’t need to use ice when I make my smoothies and that way they stay nice and creamy! As for juice, I love

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