Fruity Breakfasts and Gut Health

I am a big fan of fruit for breakfast.   😀


At night while we sleep, our body is busy detoxing from the day before and doing it’s best to move out toxins and repair muscles so that we awake fresh and rejuvenated!  It’s important to help this process along when you wake up in the morning.  I recommend drinking water first thing in the morning when you wake.  Your body needs to hydrate after a restful sleep and the water will help your body continue the detox process by assisting it in the “elimination” process. Yes.  I’m talking about poop. 😉  We have to talk about it because health really stems from your gut.  If things are not moving out of your body, we’re in trouble!  So don’t wake up and eat a big meal right away.  Wake and drink water. Drink warm water with fresh lemon juice if you can – that will really help to move things along for you and get your engine primed for the day.  Fruit is very easy for your body to digest and assimilate and will give you an instant boost of energy, fiber, water and vitamins.  Eat as much fruit as you like for breakfast!  I’ve been known to just slice a watermelon in half and eat one half with a spoon for breakfast.  Or I’ll have three apples with a tbsp of a nut-butter.  Or a big bowl of blueberries or strawberries.  A smoothie is fantastic as well because it’s already blended and broken down which takes some of the work away from your digestive system.  This also helps move things along in your body.


The very LAST thing you would want to do is to wake up and eat a heavy meal right away.  You’re essentially bringing the detox/elimination process to a screeching halt because now your body has to stop what it’s doing and go to work digesting and breaking down a big heavy meal.  And since you didn’t give your body the assistance with water or time to move things out, this new meal just piles on top of whatever you’ve already got hanging out in your body.  Nice thought, right?  Not so much.  It’s important to know your body and to really understand the importance of a healthy gut and happy intestines. We want to feel light and energetic!  Not weighed down and constipated.  The great thing about eating a plant based diet (or even a mostly plant based diet) is that fruit and veggies help to do the work for you! Our bodies break down and use plants much more efficiently than they break down animal products.  Because they’re so full of fiber and water and nutrients, plants are your guts BFF!

Think of your gut as a road.  Imagine it’s the Autobahn.  Now I want you to picture fruit as a really fast sports car (it takes about 15 mins to an hour for your body to digest and is out of  your system in 12 hours.). Picture veggies as the next level car down… they’re fast but not as fast as fruit (they can take 3 hours to digest and similarly are out of your system in 12 hours).  Next, picture animal products (like meat) as a slow moving dump truck (meat can take 6+ hours to digest and up to 3 days to get out of your system – depends on what you are eating).  Got it?

Which vehicle do you think should travel down your internal Autobahn first?


That’s right.  What happens if that dump truck goes down first and then the sports car?  Well, if you’ve ever been stuck behind a slow moving vehicle in traffic, you can relate.  That fruit will sit on top of the heavy meal you just ate and now you’re going to feel bloated.  The fruit has no where to go.  It’s stuck in traffic.  Don’t let your body turn into a traffic jam!  Eat fruit first.  Let it fly down the Autobahn inside your body and help you clear things out.

I’ll dive more into the topic of food combining later, but hopefully you found this information helpful and are on your way to a happy healthy gut!

Drink your water, eat your fruits and veggies, and have a kickass Friday!




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