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Watermelon for Breakfast

On hot summer days there is nothing more hydrating and refreshing than watermelon!  I’m loving watermelon season right now. You don’t even need a bowl, just section off a part of the watermelon and grab a spoon!  🙂 Remember to stay hydrated and drink more water than you think you need on these hot days.  Eating foods rich in water, like watermelon, can help you stay hydrated longer. Peace, love and veggies! Lauren  

Walk the Talk

Every year, I have my “numbers” checked, and by that I mean my health numbers.  Internal health.  You see, it doesn’t matter if you have six pack abs or can take everyone to the “gun show” if your cholesterol is through the roof or you are still eating your way to heart disease.  What we put into our bodies is SO important and since I am a coach, a personal trainer and a nutritionist, I find it important, personally, to put my money where my mouth is.  To walk the talk, not just talk the talk.  To be the PROOF

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Waving Goodbye to Wine

I’m pretty stoked about this post.  I’ve tangoed with this idea before and looking back at it now, I can see that I didn’t really want it before.  Before, it was just an idea.  Something I thought I should do, but didn’t really want to do.  So I’d try it out and always end up retreating to old habits and behavior. This is the way it works with all kinds of change.  You have to want to change.  I can’t make someone want to workout. I can’t make them want to be healthy and fit.  They have to want it

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Healthy & Safe Tips for July 4th Weekend

I just want to wish all of you a wonderful, happy and SAFE July 4th weekend!  I hope you enjoy your time with family and friends.  I whipped up a fun red, white and blue breakfast this morning! Remember, if you are going to a cookout or BBQ and are unsure if there will be healthy options, BRING YOUR OWN! Prepare a tray of veggies and your favorite dip to take with you, take a hummus tray or make a large fruit salad,a large veggie salad, take veggie burgers with you, whatever your favorite veggie dish is – make it

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July Wellness Challenge

Ready to get on track and reach your goals?! I know I am!  Join me for the July Wellness Challenge and transform your health and fitness in 21 days! Pass this along to anyone interested as well! Email me at or drop your email below for details! I’d love to have you become a part of our community!

Camping Trip to Lake George

I spent the past week in the beautiful Adirondacks with an amazing group of people.  We swam in the lake, rock climbed, kayaked, hiked, had campfires, saw shooting stars and satellites zooming through the night sky and it was wonderful.  I miss it already.  I miss those trees and those mountains…that fresh air and clear, clean water to swim in. I miss this incredible view… It was my first time rock climbing outside (I did a chimney climb a few years ago but I didn’t have much I needed to do except go straight up- so I don’t really count that

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