Walk the Talk

Every year, I have my “numbers” checked, and by that I mean my health numbers.  Internal health.  You see, it doesn’t matter if you have six pack abs or can take everyone to the “gun show” if your cholesterol is through the roof or you are still eating your way to heart disease.  What we put into our bodies is SO important and since I am a coach, a personal trainer and a nutritionist, I find it important, personally, to put my money where my mouth is.  To walk the talk, not just talk the talk.  To be the PROOF to you, that eating fruits and veggies works wonders for your body and is good for you!  It’s worth it!

So this morning I had my blood pressure taken and blood taken.  They run it through this fancy machine that spits out a bunch of numbers after a few minutes and then I get a report card, basically, that tells me what’s going on inside my body.

Here is my report card this morning.  I share this with you because I want you to see that internal health – mine and yours, is the most important thing, over aesthetics.  It doesn’t matter how good the exterior package is, if you internal environment is unwell.

So here it is:


What does that all mean?  Here are the Biometric Ranges:


So, the nurse said to me: Your “good cholesterol – HDL – they like to see above 60 because that’s what protects you from the bad cholesterol…your good cholesterol is a 48 but that’s okay and we don’t worry about that because you don’t have any bad cholesterol to be protected from.”   I said, “So I guess that whole vegan-vegetarian-eating fruits and veggies thing works, huh?”  “Oh yes” she said.  “Your numbers are smashing!”  She had a cool British accent:)

So there you go.  I eat a whole foods, plant based diet.  On my journey to discovering what it means to be the healthiest me and what that looks like, I’ve been vegan, I’ve been vegetarian, I’ve been a raw foodie, I’ve been a raw vegan, I’ve been a pescatarian, I’ve been just about every label you can come up (read my ABOUT page for my story!)  and after trying everything there is one constant: A whole foods, plant based diet WORKS.  Eating real food from the earth.  You don’t have to be a label. You just have to eat MORE veggies.  Eat more real food.  Start cutting out the junk one step at a time.  Every little thing you do helps.  Every small step you take in the right direction is an accomplishment.  You don’t have to flip a switch overnight, but you do have to take that first step.

Not sure where to start?  Cut out red meat and dairy.  Start there.  Cut those 2 things out and increase the amount of veggies you eat, and you know what?  You’re going to see and feel incredible results.

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Peace, love and veggies!




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