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M is for Mango

    I found mango on sale at the grocery store and stocked up!!  They are so sweet.   Having fruit in the morning always energizes me for the day.  Cutting them like this makes it super easy (and fun) to eat! I hope your day is off to a great start!! xoxo Lauren

Workout with me this September!

We are nearing the end of Summer (ahhh!!!) but that DOES NOT mean that we need to stop working on our goals to be healthy, strong and fit! Maybe you neglected your fitness routine and need to get back on track or maybe you have a routine but need to STAY on track. Whatever YOUR reason, join me for this Slimtember Challenge and take your Health & Fitness to the next level. We do it TOGETHER. We get results TOGETHER. We high five each other afterwards TOGETHER. We compliment each other on our sexy fit bods TOGETHER. Here’s the commitment:

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